Baby wont sleep in cot

Hi girls,
Connor hasnt been settling well in his cot for the past few nights, he goes down in it for a couple of hours and wakes for a feed and after that he wont sleep anywhere but on me, and occasionally in the bed with us.
Is this a phase hel grow out of or is there something i should be doing? Hes 15 weeks



  • my OH keeps gettin on at me about cuddlin our son to sleep ... did you do this too? he doesnt settle himself well if hes awake, altho hes now quite 3 weeks old yet so i think i can be forgiven !!

    hav you tried swaddling him, and rolling up towels to put either side of him so he feels tight and secure? i kno our son loves to be wrapped up tight, with his arms free, and he wont sleep unless hes swaddled ... speak to your HV about it, she might be able to giv you some ideas !
  • We've just been through exactly the same thing - Louise is 5 1/2 months. Christmas day night it started and eventually we started letting her sleep with us because it was the only way to get any sleep. We're sure she's teething and had a high temperature on monday so we thought it could be because she was unwell.

    We had planned to put her inher own room anyway this week and did so on wednesday and this seems to have solved it. Also, my dh has been going to her when she wakes and either settles and puts her back or brings her to me to feed.

    I am breastfeeding her and am sure she was hoping for feeding or using me as a comforter! I could calm her with just a cuddle or even by talking sometimes. If she didn't settle then I would feed her. Now she has to be calm before a feed.

    I'm not really sure what to suggest but just wanted to share my experience and let you know that I was upset thinking that it was because of something I had done wrong.

    I think you should persist with trying to put him down. Apparently it takes 10 mins for a baby to fall into a deep sleep - have you tried puting him in after a long amount of time?

  • Hi thanks for the replies, hes been sleeping in his cot in our room for nearly 6 weeks, he doesnt like being swaddled and he doesnt want his dummy when i try to plug it back in.
    I will try the towels tonight nd try cuddling him for a bit longer after a feed and look into a bear.
    Hes being clingy with me for the past few days too and has a little infection and possibly teething so maybe i should wait a few days maybe its that?
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