I can't believe it (not baby related as such)

Had a phone call from my sister this morning to say that she was pregnant. I am so pleased for her as she has been told that she cant have children. The only thing is is that she is 29 weeks already. as she has not had a period for over 12 months she never even knew. she went to the doctors today with a very bad pain in her side and he could feel the baby. She has been in hospital all day having scans etc and now it looks like she has pre-eclampsia like i did in both of my pregnancies so she has to stay in for a couple of days so they can put her on meds.

She also found out she is having a boy!

Sorry if it doesnt make sence, just had to put it down as im still in shock


  • Wow!!! Can you imagine thinking you could never have children and then finding out you were due in 10 weeks!!!! Is she happy about it? I presume she is over the moon but she must be so shocked!! Huge congratulations.
  • Wow that's amazing - what a shock though! I was told i'd never have children, then along came lo! Congrats to your sister x
  • yeah she is very shocked at the mo. l. She has been very lucky as they gave her 2 scans and she got loads of great pictures. She is well pleased its just shes a lil concerned about the pre-eclampsia. But apart from that she is looking forward to becoming a mum.
  • Oh my God!!!!!! Lovely news...but it must have been a (brilliant) shock!
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