hi everyone

my LO is 3 weeks old today and does not seem to sleep

i read all this info that says newborns should sleep 15 - 17 hours a day but mine sleeps for about 7 hours through the night with breaks for feeding and about 3 hours in the day , i can not get him to sleep between the hours of 8pm and 2am no matter how hard i try

he is breast fed and seems to want to be contnually attached to my breast all evening , he drifts off a bit but wakes if i move him and then we have to go through the routine all over again till between 1am and 3am when he finally drops off to sleep , never sure how or why

is this normal and do i just have to realise he wont sleep on an evening and if so has anyone any advice as to how i can settle him other than have him latched on all evening as its very tiring
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