Showing off, sorry!!

Apologies in advance for what is really just me showing off!!

I've been very busy this weekend, I broke one of my ring slings and decided to replace it with a Mei tai instead, couldn't find exactly what I fancied so I made one! Here is Barney looking very snug in it at Meadowhall today

He was so comfy in it that he fell fast asleep which is why his head looks a bit lop sided!! Wasn't sure how well it would work but it is beautiful (even if I do say so my self!) so I am feeling very proud of myself.


  • Wow! how creative are you!! What did you make it out of? and how old is barney? i want one of them for myself, he looks so comfy! xxx
  • It's GORGEOUS!! I bought myself an Ergo which is like a mei tai but more structured with buckles etc. And it is SO easy to use. I didnt think Gabe would be comfy with his legs straddled like that but he loves it and fell asleep in it. My new favourite thing and soooo much better than the carrier I had before.
  • The main body of the carrier, and all the straps, are made out of really soft cord and the front is fake pony skin stuff. The whole thing is reversible so if I don't feel like girrafe print I can have the plain side out.

    Barney is 5 1/2 months now but it should hold up to about 35lb, you can use it to carry them on your back as well when they get bigger. I did cheat a bit as I adapted it from a free pattern I found online.
  • Wow, that looks lovely! And Barney looks really snug too. You must be really proud of yoursef!

    I haven't used a carrier for months, Evie's just too heavy to be carried everywhere- don't know how you manage it with Gabe Tiger Lily!

    Mind you, my auntie carted my cousin around til he was nearly 1 in a backpack thing, and he was huuuge! She lots tons of weight so maybe I should give it a try!

  • WOW!! image How nice is that?! Well done you!! You should feel very proud image How the hell did you make it though?!?!

  • It was actually pretty straightforward to make, althoug a bit fiddly. Just had to cut out all the pieces and then stitch them together, the main bit has five different layers of fabric and the straps all had to be stiched all the way round so it was a bit time consuming.
  • wow really impressed & imo your well with in your rights to 'show off' bet barney loves it! x
  • This is gonna sound soooo silly (apologies) but what do you do if you're out on your own and need the toilet? Can you sit down properly with it? :lol: Im gonna sound so stupid but had to ask!!

  • That's the sort of thing I'd ask :lol: not tried going to the loo but I can definately sit down with it on as I took him for a coffee today while oh and Millie were doing 'secret' shopping, and I sat down before I took him off, so I think I should be able to go to the loo with him on.
  • Its pretty easy to go to the loo with a carrier on. If its one that dangles bubs feet down (ie. babybjorn or similar) then you do need to move their feet :lol: but with a mei tai type there is no need!
  • Sorry to be thick but what is a mei tai???
  • Thanks for understanding Kerry!! :lol: xx I thought it would come out and sound so wrong!


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  • A Mei tai is a traditional Chinese carrier. It's basically a rectangular piece of fabric with a curved top and a strap at each corner, you tie the bottom straps round your waist, put lo in the rectangle and then tie the top straps over your shoulders. They are more versitle than the more modern carriers as you can tie the straps any length, and there are loads of different ways of arranging the shoulder straps depending on how you like to carry your lo.

    *whispers* Garfield, I'm Kerry hun, not Karen! :lol:
  • The questions about going to the lo really made me giggle, lol, I've never had to try but have sat down using the baby carrier many times.

    Well done though for making your own carrier, i'm really impressed, after xmas i'm going to order myself a mei tai.

    For those who missed the thread - this is a mai tei
    basically a baby carrier.
  • Ohhhh may have to get one...I tried a carrier thing and didn't get on with it at all. I am off to look now for one on the net! Thanks Kerry - bet Meadowhall was heaving we went the other day and I am NOT going back now until after Christmas - way too stressful!
  • Just to let those of you who might be interested know, I am going to be making some more to sell in the new year (far too busy now!) and obviously I will do a great big discount for BE members :lol:
  • Ohhh will remember that!
  • OH YAY - Kerry I will be returning the buying favour then cos it looks LUSH!!!!
  • Yay! Potential customers :lol: I'll let you all know when I've got them on Ebay.

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  • Looks gorgeous loving the print!
    I used a carrier on Ellie once, she was about 2 weeks old & TINY so she hated it & I hated it & never used once since....thankfully because I would hate to have her stuck to me any more than she is already & I love pushing the pram because I walk everywhere!! It is lovely though image
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