getting rid of middle of night bottle at 7 months

how should i do it hv said they dont need it after 6 months although she'll still want it. i thought about reducing it by 1oz a week ( she takes around 5oz) my friend just got rid of her los bottle at night and dummy at 6 months just stopped giving it and had no probs but i cant do that with millie!! x x


  • Im not sure hun. Ive never had this prob with mine, luckily they never woke up for milk in the night once I started weaning them. I have heard of people offering water instead and they soon learn when they wake up all they will get is water and just dont wake up for it ne more. Worth a try? x
  • I used water in the middle of the night and it did work for us. It was hard though, but I would think any solution you try will be hard.
    Archie cried loads but I just held him and kept offering the water every now and again. He eventually fell asleep agian. It happened for 3 nights and after that he stopped waking for a feed.
    It hasn't been ideal though. He started waking really early in the morning, somtimes 5 or earlier. Never wanted fed but quite often just wanted to get up and play. With weaning his waking time is stretching out longer and longer, 2 mornings at 7am so I think we're getting there.
    Do you think she is actually hungry in middle of night ? I knew Archie wasn't as he slept thru a couple of times so I knew he didn't need it and he also wasn't too bothered about his 1st bottle in morn. Just cos hv says she shouldn't be having it doesn't mean you have to stop it. S x

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  • Hey hun,

    I would still feed her, some babies need it (unless she has gone through a few times so then obvioulsy doesnt need it?) I know its tiring but hey babies are!!

    Amber wakes about 5 for a feed if its in the night I dilute the milk to water so say 5oz water and 4 scoops seems to work. Also keep dummy plugging her sometimes that works with Amber too and she will go through like last night she went 7 till 6.30 then 7 till 9 which was fab.

    My health vis told me the same thing, that she shouldnt need feeding in the night now but I no she hasnt been a big eater of solids so is still a bit hungry in the night so just go with it.

    Sorry if ive not been much help hun xx
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