refusing feed

hi everyone. need some help desperately. baby boy is 17 weeks and for the last 2 weeks whenever i try and give him his bottle he screams and does everything possible to avoid getting this bottle in his mouth. he is definitely hungry as soon as you put him down to calm him he starts sticking his tongue out and chewing on his hand. he eventually takes it after about half an hour of crying. don't know what to do. he is only having 4 feeds a day, averaging about 150ml. he was having 210ml before.

any explanations?


  • HI, my lo who is also 17 weeks has been behaving in a similar fashion for occasionally for a few weeks, although he is breastfed.

    I think it is because he is teething. When he behaves like this, I rub some teething gel on his gums or give him one of those teething thingys with gel on to chew for a bit and then offer him his feed again a bit later.

    I asked my hv, she said that when they r teething they can't bear to have anything in their mouths because it hurts.
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