Hey people david was weighed today and is now 12 13.5, he was 12 7 last weds. so in 8 days he has only gained 6oz?? hes normally gained 8 in 7 days, is 6oz enough? or is it starting to slow down now hes 11 weeks??


  • I found each week was different with my eldest (she's 19 months now) so one week she'd put on nearly a pound, next week 2oz! Try not to worry if it's just one week where he's put a bit less on, he might gain more next week.

    I don't get Evie weighed very often, usually every fortnight but sometimes not for a month or so! xxx
  • I wouldn't worry, it sounds great. Got my lo weighed today and he only put on 6oz in 3 weeks! So 8 days is doing great. You might find he slows down now x
  • My lo is 20 weeks today and in the last month to two months his weight gain has slowed down-compared with what it was at first anyway. Think if the hv were worried they'd say and they haven't so try not to worry. I've been worying but know our lo is feeding ok (teeth are giving him jip at the mo) and he's going steady. Also they get more active so the weight won't go on at such a rate. Sounds like you're doing a grand job! x
  • thats fine babe, you will find that some weeks they wont gain anything and others they will gain a rather large amount x
  • oh good, the hosp told me they generally gain an ounce a day with a day off on sunday, so normally should be about 6 a week for a newborn, but i guess 11 weeks isnt newborn anymore anyway lol.
  • yes i did a topic on this otherday millie has slowed down alot! but she seems fine alot have said this so its def fine!! xx
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