eco friendly disposables

Moltex, Bambo, or nature babycare?

We normally use cloth nappies on my 15 month old daughter but we are going away for a couple of weeks so want to use eco disposables. Does anyone have any experience of the above nappies? or know of any other ones that are any good? how often did they need changing? did you find that they lasted overnight?



  • we use sainsburys eco, but are just switching to BG reusables! They are great and i prefer them to nature baby, but they are not recyclable or compostable (unless you have a wormery!) but they are kinder to babies skin!
  • sainsburies and boots do them too, although not tried any myself x
  • When we went on hols I used reusables at night and disposables in the day, we stayed in a hotel where they had a laundry room so I washed them myself but didn't actually need to. I have used moltex and nature and find them both good maybe moltex slightly better but they are v expensive!
    I did have make a bath of water and put nappies in to soak and rinse before wringing out and packing away to bring home, it wasn't really much extra effort!
    Have a good holiday x
  • yes i did think about taking some, we are camping in the south of france, so weather would be hot enough to line dry i suppose! mind you dont want somebody pinching them if we are out all day! i'm so used to my reusables ive no idea where to start with disposables haha sounds ridiculous!
  • I have used all 3, as I'm a nursery nurse. To be honest, I don't really like Bambo. I find them a bit stiff and they leaked on me a few times. Nature Babycare are really nice. Not as stiff and I find them a nice fit. Moltex are really good too, just very expensive!
  • brilliant Rosalie thats just what i needed - someone who has used all 3!! thank you all xxxx
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