can anyone reccommend the mirena coil

charlotte is 7 weeks now and am on the pill at the mo but was thinking about the mirena coil as im hopeless at taking tablets.can anyone reccommend it?any one had any problems with it thanks claire


  • I've had 1 before and going today to get another as Archie is 10 wks and we def don't want any accidents!
    Last time I had the occasional spotting but not a real period for years so thats a bonus!
  • hi im gatecrashing from pg forum i had mirena coil for 4 years and had regular but very light periods and no pains with it either plus when i started ttc i cought within 3 weeks as the hormone leaves your system immediatly i would highly reccomend it image
    claire x
  • Yes I LOVE my mirena had it fitted OCT time after lo was born the previous Dec wish I had it sooner as I was RUBBISH at rememberign my pill!!! It's fab no pain no periods no hassle!
  • I'm getting the coil fitted next friday. Am bit scared!! Does it hurt at all? As painful as a internal?

  • Hi Garfield, I had mine today, dr did a smear at the same time so took about 15 mins in total. They use a speculum so that's the same as an internal and when she actually inserted it I found it quite sore but not unbearable. I would liken the pain level to having your blood taken but doesn't take as long. I have had a little bleeding and a few period type pains but again nothing much -well worth it for me !.
  • not sure but i cant defo say dont get the copper coil to anyone thinking about it. after having it in only 2.5 years my little boy charlie was concieved with it still in place x
  • Jury's still out on the mirena for me at the mo. I had it fitted last nov, nearly 3 months ago now and have had a lot of bleeding since. It has ranged from, slight spotting to full on heavy bleeding, with no particular pattern. I have had very few days where I havn't had some sort of bleeding. The bleeding I get around the time of periods is very heavy and has lasted a long time, I had 17 days of constant bleeding, not just spotting. At first the bleeding was acompanied by a fair amount of period cramps too but this seems to have stopped now.

    Having said all that, I am now into day number 6 without any bleeding at all - so I think it is finally settling down. I saw my practice nurse the other day who said everything looks healthy, she also pointed out that everyone's different etc and given that I have had gynae probs in the past, I may just take longer to get used to it than others.

    I hope this doesn't put you off at all. Mine has been a bit of a pain, but I do think it will be worth it in the end.

    Good luck. xxx
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