slightly abnormal liver function, i'm so scared

Hi, well couple of weeks ago i went to a&e with bad gut pain, in my back too was horrendous, dr gave me some tabs and said it was excessive stomach acid. he also said my liver function from the blood test was slightly abnormal and would repeat it the following week. so last week went for blood test again, amyway this morning got letter through door saying my liver function is still slightly abnormal and he is sending me for an ultrasound on it. Has anyone else had this, please someone reassure me, Max is 6 weeks old so could it be from pegnancy?? I'm so scared, i panic about everything and thi wont stop going round in my head, google has made it worse image


  • Oh hun I don't really no what to say but I didn't want to read and run.

    All I can say is that you have 'slightly abnormal liver function' If it was bad the doctor would ring you and discuss it. I would try not to worry about it. But to put your mind at rest go and see your doctor and discuss it with him. I'm sure its nothing to worry about. I am having on going tests done for high blood pressure as my consultant is convinced it a sympton of something rather then a course or a radom adnormality.

    Good luck, Take care
    Kerry, Freya and Bump
    X X X
  • Hi thanks for your reply, i'm under hospital with it not normal dr, i dont want to go bothering my dr. Just its really panicking me Hope your better soon xx
  • hi,

    it's normal to worry - but the good thing is that your getting it looked at while it's 'slightly' abnormal and once you know the cause you can get treatment sooner rather than later and get it all sorted.

  • Hi Hun. I know nothing about liver function tests or experienced anything similar but don't won't to just read & run. Try to take comfort from the fact that you've been told it's only slightly abnormal results. Most people are referred to an ultrasound scan as a matter of routine, so please try not to let this scare you. Google searches scare the hell out of you and I can guess you're imagining all sorts of worst case scenarios. A couple of years ago I had flashing lights in my eyes and after doing a google search I was convinced I was going blind! It turned out to be nothing at all and I hope the same can be said for you. However, I would also go to the doctor to discuss this as it may help put you're mind at ease. Good luck & take care.
  • Hi There!
    It could just be that you have slightly raised levels of uric acid. It's nothing to worry about, I had it from about 7 months with my 1st pregnancy. The best thing you can do, is request your Dr gives you a call to discuss this properly! Alternatively, speak to your midwife. xx
  • hi sara!
    despite google searches, if it is only just abnormal it probably means nothing. however, since you complained of the pain, it could be something as "simple" as gall stones. these can be reduced with change of diet, but if you are found to have them, the doc will discuss your options with them. routinely, pregnancy will not screen you for any liver tests, except Hep B, and you should have signed your consent for this, and been aware you were having it (usually done around 16 weeks). it could be that your liver tests - had they have been done- were abnormal, but usually they right themselves pretty quick after delivery.

    have they done any further tests since you had the abnormal one?

    try not to worry, and when you go, make sure you write a list of questions to make sure you get the answers you need!
  • hi, i have already had max he is 6 weeks, blood test was done 2 weeks ago and repeated a week ago and both times came back abnormal. xx

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  • Hi, my sister has had the same. The hospital sent her for scans on it and its all come back clear. They have still not given her an answer as to why her liver function tests keep coming back as abnormal so they are just going to repeat the scans and blood tests every 6 months just to keep an eye on it.
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