Never been so scared!

I have never been so scared in my entire life as I was last night, as some of you may know I posted yesterday morning saying Holly had a temp and I wasnt sure if I should fly with her (Ireland to Scotland) well in the end I decided to go and she wasn't right all day so I bought one of those calpol digital thermometers, she seemed to be ok but woke up the back of 2 screaming in pain so tried to give her some nurofen but she went all limp her eyes rolling back and her temp was 39.5! Her breathing was really raspy and it was like she was starting to fit, I called nhs 24 (was on the phone when she started to fit) and they said not to panic you but if she stops breathing this is what to do and an ambulance will be with you in a few mins. I was petrified!! We were taken to the ambulance where there was a pediatrician and loads of baby equipment so blue lights to hospital and the staff were fab, she has a viral chest infection and they said her chest is rattling so they gave us medicine and have to keep her cool ect but omg I was soooo scared!!
Thankfuly Holly has improvved a bit today, she still has a high temp but its starting to stabilise so hoping she will have a good sleep and be a bit better tomorrow!
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