Gettng into a bedtime routine


Our DS is only 2 weeks old & we tend to put him down to sleep in his moses basket downstairs with us in the evening & then take him upstairs when we go to bed. At what stage should you start taking them upstairs & putting them to bed on their own?



  • I'm not sure what the recommendations are (there probably are some - there's some for everything else!) but, personally, we started putting her down in our room by herself after the first week. We are not very good at creeping around so it suited us all better x
  • It took us a good few weeks before getting into a routine and I must admit, I wish we'd done it sooner. It was far better for the LO, as well as for us.

    As long as you have a good monitor and are comfortable leaving your LO upstairs alone, you can do it now. I used to put LO upstairs but then I used to potter around upstairs until bedtime. Sounds silly now but at the time, I didn't like to leave him alone xx
  • Thanks for your replies. I only ask cos SIL keeps nagging that we should be getting him into a routine- she swears by Gina Ford!! I dont know if I can bear to leave him upstairs on his own just yet!!! xx
  • We started putting him up at 5 weeks it took a week for him to get used to it, now he settles himself at night & we get some form of evening together which is lovely. Personally I'd steer well cleer of Gina Ford! The woman doesnt have kids so has no idea the pain a mother feels when leaving baby to cry etc. Don't push yourself into anything though, as long as baby is sleeping and you are happy theres no need to rush it...we'll never get this time back they grow so fast. Good luck xx
  • We live in a bungalow, so lo went straight to bed and had naps in his cot. Its really what suits you my lovely!xx
  • we didnt start a proper bed time routine till around 4 mths - thats only when we started bathing him every night and he is ok now, so id say just go with whatever youre comfortable with xx
  • hiya
    i started a bedtime routine at 2 weeks.
    my ds is 9 weeks old now and i feel that he knows what to expect,
    five mins quiet time in a darkened room,
    then nice warm bath
    then pj's and grow bag
    then bottle.
    he goes down into his moses basket which is in his cot in his nursery. this all happens around 7pm.
    i know that most people dont have their little ones in their own room this early but we do and did with our daughter.
    by the time he settles its usually around 8pm then im off to bed at 10pm so get a few hrs with my husband and daughter which is lovely.
    im back to work shortly and a bedtime routine was a must for me as mil doing a few nights a week and didnt want to make life too difficult for her.
    good luck
  • We started a bedtime routine at 2-3 weeks. Ours was:

    Bedtime story in dim room
    Bed (for 7pm)

    C image
  • We did it from birth!! I was never a fan of moving the moses basket around - ds was 9lb1 and only got heavier so I didn't fancy moving him about and risking waking him up when we went to bed.
    At the time we lived with mil and our bedroom was the (converted) garage which we shared with lo so we could hear him very easily even without a monitor. Ds slept with us until 16 months
    Now we live in a normal 3 bed house I would probably put the lo upstairs in our room straight away, but with a monitor in case ds decided to wake up and try to play with the baby, eek xx
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