Bruised gum

Gabe is 10 1/2 months, has 5 teeth and has been showing signs of teething again recently but no more teeth!

He seems to be cutting loads at once. He has a weird blue bruise where one seems to be coming through - is that normal? Never heard of it before, and never had it with the other teeth xx


  • Poor Gabe he must be in quite a lot of pain.
    I'm not sure about the bruise but my little girl's gum always swells just before a tooth comes through
  • dont know about a bruise. have heard of 'eruption cysts' which can appear before a tooth comes but i dont know if that would look like a bruise?!
  • Never heard of a bruise - agree with what listef says.
    However if it is due to teething and he has lots coming thru at once I know what you are going thru!
    Charlotte had 5 come thru together just before Xmas (nightmare) and now has 4 molars coming thru (double nightmare)!
    Sorry not helped you at all have I??!!!
    If you are worried ask your hv to have a look. Not sure how often you see her?
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