Weaning and not drinking milk

Hi girls. James is just over 7 months, and we've been weaning since 6 months. Since the middle of the week he's drastically reduced how much milk he'll take from each bottle. He was managing 3/4oz from each bottle. But now, some of then he'll take less or even none. I took out the 11am bottle, thinking maybe lo is trying to reduce intake, but not going about it as refusing/reducing a specific bottle. He hasn't really noticed, and it didn't make him drink more of the next bottle, in fact yesterday he refused it completely. :\( If he does that again, I might try stopping the afternoon one, but giving the morning one again from tomorrow. So obviously I'm giving dairy to try to replace the milk he isn't having. But he's only had 2oz of his morning bottle. Just wondered if your lo did something similar? How long for? Am I going about this in the right was? I have asked in BIJan but feel I need a few more answers. For more reassurance etc. Thanks ladies. xx


  • We went through a stage of refusing milk. I did the same as you...took out the 10am bottle and replaced it with a snack. They still didnt drink their 3pm one so took that out too. They now have 7oz at 6am and 7oz at 6pm and they sometimes drink them and sometimes not! We did get better though. I just figured it was their body's way of trying to regulate their intake...food + milk...and my boys ate, and still eat, A LOT of food!

    I cant give dairy to replace what they arent having, but the paed doesnt seem too worried so I guess they are getting what they need from what they take.

    HTH, but speak to your HV if youre worried xxx
  • It's hard isn't it, trying to get them to eat food while not reducing their milk intake by too much.

    My 8 month old is the same, he has taken less than 3oz this morning, will probably have about 4oz at 2pm and then will have a good drink at bedtime, perhaps 7oz and that's it. I try to put his milk into his food, so that he's getting more. This morning I put 3oz in his porridge, I've made some cheese sauce with his milk for lunch, so there's another oz, that kind of thing.

    It's recommended they still have 17-20oz of milk a day until they are 1 but if you know he's having a good balanced diet, with plenty of voghurts, cheese, etc. I honestly wouldn't worry.

    Sorry I haven't been much help but wanted to let you know that you are definitely not alone xx
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