my dd was born nearly 8 weeks early and is now 3 1/2 weeks old. she is a great feeder and despite her low weight (4lb 14 1/2oz) she is taking between 80 and 90 mls during each feed. she goes from 4 - 5 1/2 hrs between feeds. when she was in SCBU they worked out that she should be taking 180ml per kilo per 24 hrs which would mean that she should now be having just over 360 mls per day. she is taking well above this (yesterday 435ml and today 340mls with another feed to go before midnight).

ideally she should be having 64mls every 4 hours based on her weight but i have tried to wake her after 4 hours by changing her nappy then giving her a bottle but she will not take it. when she is allowed to have it when she is hungry she will take 80-90mls.

is this a problem? my mother and mother in law say its fine as she is having enough out of 5 bottles instead of 6.


  • as long as she's getting enough it's fine, she'll let you know when she's hungry, the longer she goes between feeds the more she'll take on the next one so it balances itself out in the end x
  • thanks girls. its quite worrying when your baby isnt doing what people tell you your baby 'should' be doing, if you know what i mean. touch wood she isnt a sicky baby and keeps down all of her feeds so the extra she takes isnt brought back up cos she has had too much.

    it is nice at night tho when she goes 5 1/2hrs between feeds, which means im only up once in the night
  • all babies are different hun, we'd be going mental if we tried to stick to all the guidelines, it's just not possible, as long as they are happy and healthy thats all that matters...thats brill about being up just once! JJ has almost slept right through from birth, at the moment he goes to bed at 8pm and sleeps til 6am! x
  • Try not to worry hun, my lo wasn't prem (he was late & a whopper!) but he was always the same, took bigger feeds in less bottles, (at night anyway, he liked his food in the day). At 14 weeks he was down to just 4 bottles a day but he had 9oz in each, so was getting enough. A good indicator is if they are having lots of wet nappies at least 4 a day xx
  • every nappy i change at feed times are wet so she must be having enough, she also nearly always pees when i change her nappy too have to be quick to catch it with a wipe image i thought it was only boys that peed when you take their nappies off image
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