Anyone back at work? How we finding it?

Hi Ladies,

I returned back to work this week, working 3 days a week (going to be doing 4 days starting in a couple of weeks) and am really enjoying it! Don't get me wrong, I miss my son so so much but it feels good to use my brain and engage in adult conversation! My DS is 7months and does 2 days in nursery and has settled in really well. He naps well (albeit shorter naps), eats all his food whilst there and loves playing there. The times I've dropped him off he's not looked back and is more interested in seeing what the other babies are doing. On collection when he sees me he gives me the biggest smile then continues to play with his toys!!! The days I do have with him are so much more fulfilling and I love spending time with him!

I was so worried about leaving him at nursery but it's so much more re-assuring knowing that he has settled in well there. The only downside is that I seem him for 1,5 hours in the morning and again in the evening before putting him to bed when I'm at work but I know that by working I can give him the best start in life possible!



  • This has reasured me. I am due to go back to work in spetember, and I am dreading it a bit!!

    Your right, working is the best thing you can do. My first son went into nursery and he is such a sociable child, he makes friends where ever he goes, and I put that down to him going to nursery.
  • I went back to work 2 weeks ago 3 days a week and at the moment I am enjoying it, I do need an occassional break from dd and I do need adult conversation, lo is spending the time with my mum so they are having lots of fun and then I get to see her at lunch time because my mum lives right next to the college I work in. I do miss her but we both need that time away from each other and then we appreciate each other more :\)
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