I turn my back for 5 seconds..........







  • lol Bless Him

    What was it ?????

  • im thinking sudocrem! Or wallpaper paste, lol.

    He looks so cute. Shame on you elaine for telling him off with a face like that. heehee!
  • i was right then!
  • lovely bet thats fun to get off !

    I have all this to come

  • Ah Elaine, he looked so cute and was having so much fun, lol. Poor you bet its a pain to clean off!!!! xxxx
  • If you look behind his head you can see red scribble on my wall!! He done that too!! Good job we've got the paint still! He is so fast and so sly.
  • LOL what a little monkey!!
    Last time i turned my back for a few secs(well a min or 2 really lol)Ben had put everything he could move and lift inculding the bathroom bin which was almost full into the bath i was filling for us both to soak in!
    It was only when he came running into my bedroom and picked up one of my clean tops (i was just in the process of hanging up) and ran back off into the bathroom did i think...oh heck!
    Yep when i followed him in there was allsorts and my clean dry top floating in the bath lol
    Gotta love em! x
  • HA HA HA, LMAO!!! So cute

    Banjismummy, my bathroom is down stairs and my 14 months old loves nothing better to out things in the bath. Empty or otherwise. When all her toys are in there she will then cry as she has nothing to play with. LoL.

    Kerry, Freya and Bump
    X X X
  • omg, that is sooo funny, sudocrem is a pain to get off though, kids r soooo sly,
    the other week oliver had poo all over his face! me without my glasses on wondered where he got the chocolate from! lol
  • lol! Sudocrem is the worst tho! I remember last year my 2 year old getting a tub over my brand new green carpet!! I was not happy, the stain never really came off!!! x x x
  • HAHAHAHA! Thanks for posting those, the first one had me smiling but the second one made me laugh out loud!
  • he is soo damn cute hun x bless him x he looks like a little angel lol x
  • Oh Elaine that's priceless. Even in the picture where he's being told off he looks like butter wouldn't melt - what a cutie!!
  • LOL Love this!
    Sudocrem being a water barrier is not the funnest thing to be trying to clean up! xx
  • tehehe.

    Can I just ask...how did you manage to take a photo then tell him off without smiling??? xxx
  • this isnt the first time hes done this!
    the first time he put hand prints all over the carpet! I'll try and find the pic.

    It was hard not to laugh - he was still smearing it over his belly when he was getting told off! He is so cheeky.
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