sweaty baby

Charlie always gets quite sweaty/clamy when he starts to cry for his bottle, etc... but tonight he was in his swinging chair and started screaming, i picked him up and he was soaked in sweat, i stripped him off and he was all red and blotchy, i bathed him he then calmed down and the blotches went - do you think its normal he gets this sweaty?


  • I can't really say whether I think it's normal or not. I should mention it to your hv next time you see her or ring her if you are concerned. If he's doing it when he's just upset it might be just cos he's worked up just like we get I suppose. How many layers are you putting on him and do you have heating on a lot - babies can't regulate their temp like we can.
  • he wears a trousers, vest and long sleeve top in the house. Our heating is on quite a bit - maybe i need to turn it down a bit (i feel the cold so easily!)
  • Could it have been a bit of heat rash?
  • hi ya sweet my lo was exactly the same as you when she was really little (shes 16 months now) and her hair used to be wet from when she got really destessed and even when she was lying on me she would get hot! Even now she gets blotches round her eyes when she crys alot but she dosent get as hot now xx
  • millies hair would always be wet when shes been laying on me xx
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