Good bedtime storybooks?

Hello Ladies,

My daughter is starting to be ready/non fidgety for a story book before bed, She is 8mths. I have two books, which I think are appletree farm (mrs boot,poppy,sam and dog rusty?!) but it gets a bit repeatitive reading them. My alternatives are touchy feel books from thats not my series, not such a quite bedtime story but an interactive one!

Can anybody recommend any good books please. Thanks xxx


  • Dinosours love underpants! Cole got that one for christmas and its awesome..cracks me up every time we read it.

    Other than that - we are currently working our way through reading the narnia books - not exactly age appropriate but he doesn't really pay much attention and its more interesting for me and hubby - we'd been through all his books twice by the time he was about 8 months old and were bored of them so figured we'd read something more interesting while he was too young to notice.

    We save the 'thats not my' ones for daytime cause cole loves them and will look at them for ages
  • Join a library! We just have and have got some books out like the Spot books and the Kipper the dog ones.
    Gabe's only just started having stories as part of his bedtime routine and he loves them.
    We have a lovely book that was a present called 'No Matter What' by Debi Gliori.
    I also bought 'Each Peach Pear Plum' for Gabe recently. Im going to ask my dad if Gabe can have all my brother (11)s and stepbrothers (17) old Thomas books and stuff as they've outgrown them somewhat! lol! xx
  • OH forgot to mention my dad bought Gabe a fab book for christmas. It's a Dorling kindersley book called 'Baby's Busy World'. It's not a story book but it's great....Gabe goes crazy when we read it as he loves the big photos of babies!
  • i have the "thats not my..." range for Madi, and she has the Appletree Farm range too.

    My faves are books by Julia Domnaldson and Axel Scheffler, there are a few, we have "room on the broom", "the gruffalo" and "the smartest giant in town" - they all have rhyming stories and sound lovely when u read them out loud so Braedon loves them too. they are also quite amusing for grown-ups xx
  • We're going on a bear hunt, The very hungry caterpillar, The gruffalo, the gruffalo's child, Each Peach Pear plum, Where the wild things are, Winnie the witch, Peepo, Cops and Robbers, Giraffes can't dance, The tiger who came for tea ....... I could go on all day - I LOVE kids books. There are loads of that's not my's and there are lots of the Farmyard Tales (appletree farm) so if you want more of any of them check out the website and drop me an email if you want to order. Also there are loads of picture books of traditional stories - the gingerbread man, 3 billy goats gruff, the town mouse and the country mouse etc etc.

    What abotu Spot or Mr Men books as well - go to a bookshop and you will find hundreds you want!!! Maybe safer to steer clear actually :lol:
  • Hi,
    Have to agree with Mrs T Julia Donaldson and Alex Scheffler book are ace as they have the rhyme so sounds lovely and are easy to read. We read 'Giraffes can't dance' (love Gerald with his bandy knees!) and 'One ted fell out of bed' which is lovely but maybe a bit short? My personal fav is 'Room on the broom' as I do a great Scottish accent to go with it!!
    Also, agree with Carfytcharli with the Alan and Janet Ahlberg books bit longer but with lovely piccies to talk about as well,'Burglar Bill', 'Cops and robbers'.
    Think Tigerlily's right about joining a library as I know I am lethal if I'm anywhere near bookshop! Have fun xx
  • Thansk for your replies ladies.
    sorru I didnt make myself very clear. I meant we have thats not my books but they arent exactly appropriate for bedtimne stories.
    Il take a look at Julia Donaldson and Alex Scheffler books I think. Ive heard a couple of people mention the gruffalo but didnt know who it was by.
    we are members of our local library. Im a bit of a hygiene freak when it comes things babys can eat! Hubby more so than me. We arent keen on the idea of getting books out that she will try and eat which have already been slobbered on by lots of other children!

    Mil had a sort out and I tigerlily reminded me that they she has given us a few books. Must enquire to my mother to see if there are any of my old books gathering dust at home! In fact I might just ask for her to send some up as shes hasnt any other grandchildren. xxx
  • i love "guess how much i love you" with nutbrown hare and little nutbrown hare,,,,its such a lovelly story!!
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