bloody neighbours!!!

we've never got on with our neighbours. a string of incidents since we've moved in:
cutting our clematis plant
moaning about how we walk on on laminate stairs ( WTF!!!! who in the world has laminate stairs??!!!)
playing our music load
saying i hit the front of her car and she said she had photographic evidence and was going to use it.

i could go on.

hubby has found over the past few days items on on lawn: apple core, banana skin, cigerette butt and today........... used ear bud!!!!!!! image

its not us cause why would we put rubbish in our own garden? we know how to use a bin.

it has to be them cause of the way nobody else's house backs close enough onto our garden.

there is an ear bud and cigerette butt on their conservatory roof that has not made it into our garden.

ive taken photos. hubby is going to think of a way of displaying the items cause its no good talking to them cause they would deny it was them.

im so angry and upset at how pathetic they are. :evil: :cry:


  • not as interesting as the vibrator we found in our back garden 2 years ago (not ours!!!!!).
  • at least that would make you laugh!!!

    fish face next door is too uptight to have a vibrator

  • Hmm, bad, but not that bad.
    Be thankful they havent started putting stones into your drains to block them, or trying to scrap the putty out of the sides of your windows, or blocking your drive, or allowing their dog to foul your garden.... I could go on but it would drive me mental again so I wont. image

    I know its hard to do but just ignore them. or if you really cant then get the police involved (or council of its council) and report them for it. not sure what they could do but if you have photos as evidence they might be able to tell them to use their bins..... (honestly dont think they would though)

    think it might just have to be something you've got to grin and bear as hard as that is.
    Sorry. :\(

  • we do just ignore them now. . we're the bigger people. some people just need to get a life!!!

    hubby has now displayed the items on some wood and placed it on the patio!!
  • You have my sympathy, if we could afford to move we would just to get away from the scum we have living next door. xxx
  • I can soooooooo sympathise i put a long rant on yesterday about my bloody neighbours too xx
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