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If first baby was Prem was next pg classed as high risk?

Am not pg but thinking about possibility of ttc in the future. Just wanted to hear from anyone whose first baby was premature. Was your next baby prem and were you classed as high risk during your pregnancy? We're thinking of booking a fab holiday quite far in advance but have looked at their t&c's and if by then I did happen to be pregnant they wouldn't let me travel if I was classed as high risk :roll:


  • Thanks for that. I had my ds at 30 weeks but they didn't find any reason for it.
  • i had my son at 35wks and when i got pregnant again they wasnt that bothered untill i found out i was having twins,i had them at 31wks

  • Hi,i had my first ds at 29 weeks due to severe P.E. and i was classed as a high risk pregnancy withmy 2nd ds who was born in July 1 day off his due date!! Everything was fine,my bp did go up but not until right at the end which resulted in an elective c section.x
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