They cut my babies head at CS


I've already posted this on CS & VBACS but trying to bump posts off 1st page and someone on baby may have an opinion

The cut is quite deep about 1/2 an inch wide and 1 inch long.

I had my baby by cs 16 weeks ago, there was the surgeon and 2 junior dr's but I was told they wouldn't do anything they hadn't done many times before.

My baby was breech and I think her head was stuck as I remember them struggling a bit towards the end, at one point I heard the word forceps and looked at the theatre nurse in shock and she said they mean like holby city scissor forceps.

They gave me my baby but she had a hat on so I didn't notice till I got to the ward and noticed blood on the hat, it's one of those grazy type cuts that dont bleed too much but its so deep that hair hasn't grown in the centre of it, its grown around the edges though. I want to be able to tell my daughter why she has a bald patch and cant get any answers.

I asked my HV about it and she said any marks or cuts should have been on my notes and I should have been told if they were using forceps. My OH took a picture of her being weighed in theatre but didn't notice the cut as he was too excited, but it clearly shows the cut (sorry dont know how to load pictures on here) My HV has tried to investigate but got a response saying if I have any further concerns to tell my GP, so she thought they had seen me. I just want some answers and am so upset that the first few minutes that my baby was born were in pain. if it was unavoidable then fair enough but I just want to know what happened.

Still had no response from hospital as of 7/2/09


  • Someone has just replied to this post but it came as a [email protected] e-mail so thankyou whoever it was!

    My HV is contacting the hospital for me and I should have heard something by now, going to phone her on monday and if she's had no luck I'm going to take matters into my own hands.
  • I totally understand that you want to know what happened, hope you gt a response soon.
  • Aw hun I'm sure you just want some answers!! You could call the hospital and explain, say you want to talk to someone & an appointment?
    I also had a c section and Gabe's head was slightly cut, only a scratch though really so I never said anything!xxx
  • I do! Hospital is supposed to be arranging it. HV came for 2nd pnd questionairre at beginning of january and said she had had a letter from hospital saying any further concerns to contact gp which suggested to her that they'd seen me, but they havent so she is investigating, I think they are worried or thinking I'm trying to sue them but I'm not, just want to know what happened & why they didn't tell me. xx
  • hi holly
    just wanted to say your lo was born the same day as minE!!!!
  • Thanks everyone - keep you updated xx
  • Hi sorry to hear of this like you said if they had said to you at the time, were sorry but it appears we may have cut you baby during the procedure you would have felt better about it but for them just to cover things up like nothing had happened is not right.
    When my niece was beening born, during the labour the midwifes kept trying to break my sister inlaws waters over and over again, different person after different person, then finally a more senior midwife came in and said what are you trying to do these waters have already broke!!! This then sent the baby into distress and very were sent down for a emergency section! When my niece was born they noticed she scratch marks all over her head where they had been trying to break the waters with the special needle they use. Poor little mite no wonder this sent her into distress never mind my sister inlaw!! The hospital never said anything to her either!! Hope you can get some answers soon and maybe an appology.

  • If you aren't getting answers contact the Patient Advisory Service at your hospital (PALS). They can take some of the hassle away by chasing answers up for you so you get a response. They were great when I was struggling to get a response back from a specialist.
  • If you aren't getting answers contact the Patient Advisory Service at your hospital (PALS). They can take some of the hassle away by chasing answers up for you so you get a response. They were great when I was struggling to get a response back from a specialist.
  • This is how her head looks now

    and if you look to the right you can see the dint in her head

    HV was supposed to phone me back yesterday but didn't i'm just going to phone every day now until they answer me.
  • Bless her! Really hope you get some answers soon.

    My little boy had an awful cut just by his eye and on his cheek when he was born due to them attempting to use forceps. It wasn't a csection, but they tried to use forceps right at the end of his delivery and only got one half in just in the middle of a big contraction. I pushed so hard the forcep and my little boy came shooting out!
    I was really worried he would be scarred by it as it looked really bad when he was small but by about 5/6 months it was virtually gone and now he is 13 months you can't see anything. Fingers crossed the same happens with your lo and the hair starts to grow over it.

    Keep a diary of the calls you are making and the responses you are getting so you have it all if needed. x
  • Oh poor you! And poor little one!
    That must have been so horrible. Keep at it girl, make sure you get some sort of explanation.
  • She is so cute...

    My first was a messy breech forceps delivery. it took the 4th forceps attempt to get her out. she had the most awful bruising and marks on her head. It had all gone by the time she was a few months old. Try some oil on it and gently rub as the yellow you see is maybe cradle cap that has gathered on the more delicate skin.

    Its an awful thing to happen and I hope you get answers soon.

    Good luck

    d xx
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