who is so excited about xmas this yr than any other yr. specially 1st time mums.

im sooooo excited this yr my son is 8 months old and looking forward to it. usually ive always enjoyed xmas but seen different know that i have my own son. i'll probably be up early trying to get him to rip open the presents (me helping off course).

what are the plans for ppl?


  • Count me in on being excited! I love Christmas anyway, but it does just seem that little bit more special now we've got Dylan! He's not quite 6 months yet, but does seem to get excited with all the running round & preparations!!

    I love buying gifts for people (except my in-laws, who definately don't deserve anything - lol)!!

    My parents & Nan are coming to ours on Christmas Day, which will be a first as we've always gone to them. And the inlaws on Boxing Day (if they turn up)!!!!!

    ONLY 3 MORE SLEEPS !!!!!!!

    Sarah xxx
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