First birthday pressie?

People are going to start asking soon about 1st birthday pressies as there's only 8 weeks to go for us.... eek! I'm thinking we'll get him:
A Wee Notions nappy (but might have to convince hubby it's worth it... I really really want one!)
A toy drum kit
The House at Pooh Corner in hardback - we got him the first book when he was born and said we'd get the second for his 1st birthday

From other people I was thinking:
Brio trains
Building blocks
Duplo maybe?

Any brilliant ideas I can pass on to relatives?


  • Smart trike? my dd is 1 in just under 2 weeks and loves hers.

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  • I was going to say smart trike!

    Our LO will be one in Jan, but with Christmas too, I have been thinking about this as we've been chatting about it in BIJ.

    What about jigsaws, clothes, bath toys?

    I got my neice a 'first pair' of wellies for her 1st birthday last year. Can't remember the name of the site, but I'm sure google will help. They came in a lovely presentation box and there were a few different designs to choose from. We got her cute ladybird ones! Someone else could then get the rain coat to go with it...although, you'll have to double check as now I'm thinking about it, they may be more girly.

    I'll come back if I think of anything else and will watch closely for ideas too!

    BB xx
  • Oooh, thanks for the ideas!

    We thought about a trike/ride on type thing, but we live in a flat so there might not be room to use it? Is it mainly just an outdoor thing?
  • mega blocks are fab and those wooden jigsaws - that is what we are asking for - or money to get premium bonds with x
  • Oooh, the tots bots - I don't know yet as her LO is only 4 days old! I think she's in disposables while the new mummy and daddy get used to everything else a new baby brings. I'm hoping she gets on with them better than I did though, I'm really not a fan! x
  • hi, ds got a smart trike for his first xmas when he was 9 months, he loved it and still does, although we rarely use it as don't ahve a garden and we live a way out from town and i don't drive so mainly if we go smewhere i need to take the pushchair (for if it rains, he needs a nap etc)....

    for his first birthday we bought him a 'little people' car garage, its still one fo his favourite toys and he got lots of mega blocks and mega blocks sets, stickle bricks are a winner too. xx
  • We'll be getting L a Steiff pull along elephant (there's one on the JoJo Maman Bebe catalogue), and asking family for smart trike and classic maybe stickle bricks, duplo like you...
  • Hi Em,

    could family etc get jak clothes in next sizes up? That saves you having to spend out on them. I've been through the Argos catalogue and circled everything I want to get Elliott for Xmas, although we'll get it elsewhere (search for cheapest etc) but that could be a good starting point?
  • Whizz Around Garage from ELC? I think there's money off it at the moment too. My ds had one for his first birthday and still plays with it loads now at 26 months. Other people can buy the vehicle sets to go with it too.

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  • We're getting a whizz around garage for elliott for Xmas too Em!! They have them down to ??25 from ??40!!

    Online anyway...i was gonna go city this week and pick one up so really hope they have it instore xx
  • OMG I want the garage. And I want the cusions in the background of the picture that say STOP and things, they're awesome!
  • For his first birthday Peter got a Leapfrog Learn and Groove activity table which is still one of his favourite toys (it is playing in the background as I type), a bag of MegaBloks, a Peter Rabbit pull-along toy and a Brio push-along trolley with bricks which he pulled himself up on the day after he received it!

    He got his first Brio train set for Father's Day (my husband wanted something they could play with together) but he is still in the 'pull up the train tracks' mode. He does love the actual train, though, and I know you can get trains without the tracks which might be an idea to start with.
  • Well, I have bought him a Whizz Around garage, so that's sorted image and we're trying desperately to find a drum kit we like. Might have to get him some Boomwackers too, he'd love them!

    I've compiled a list of things to pass on to relatives too, so when they ask I'm prepared. Thanks for the tips and advice, girls! x
  • I'm gonna get my (sorry..elliotts) whizz around tomorrow I think...want one so bad! So can put it aside for mas while it's still cheap!
    Did you order online or get it from city? I font want to walk there for them not to have it (omg i'm so lazy lol) Jaks gonna love it Hun xxx
  • Hey girls just to say ds was given the kidorable wellies, raincoat and bag by my mum in the fireman collection and it is just beautiful. Really well made too.

    I'm going to get ds the mega block table and lots of blocks..and some messy stuff like finger paints. Dunno what else yet
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