Sleepy 8 Week Old

Hi there

I have a feeling I am going to come across as a paranoid mother but thought I would just check anyway!!

I have an 8 week old who in the last day or so has seemed to be really sleepy throughout the day, she wakes up to be fed and is then asleep again within an hour or so which is very different to how she was before, she would usually be awake for a couple of hours (not including feeding) in the morning and afternoon.

She has started to sleep longer at night but this has been happening for a week or so which means it doesn't seem to coincide with the day sleepyness. She is feeding fine.

Has anyone had a similar experience, any advice?

Many thanks ladies



  • My LO is 16 weeks and only just becoming less sleepy. I used to have max of 2 hours active time a day, like you say she'd wake for food, change, burp then sleep straight away. She was 5 weeks early so people kept saying she was catching up, but I think she's generally a sleepy baby. Does well at night too so I don't worry about sleepy days.
    I know what you mean about being paranoid, everyone kept telling me to enjoy the peace and chance to get on with stuff but I couldn't stop worrying.
    So long as LO wakes for feeds, is gaining weight and is alert and aware when awake then they should be fine. HVs told me that everytime they saw me and I'm only just starting to agree!
    It is nice when they're awake more and you get more interaction, so just look forward to that and enjoy your rest for now.
  • Thanks so much for your response MummyJackson, I know part of me feels I should be grateful but it's just the change that has worried me! Really appreciate you taking the time to reply.

  • She might be going through a growth spurt so sleeping more to grow, especially if she had been feeding a lot in the days prior to sleeping a lot. Also sleep makes more sleep, so the better the night sleeps the better the day sleeps and vice versa. Having thought my LO was ill with all sorts of things he never was (being a bit jumpy as new mum) the thing I hear over and over is are they sleeping? eating? and playing? and if the answer to all 3 is yes then they're fine. I felt very silly taking LO to hospital with a big grin on his face!!!!! Still if you think it's not normal for your LO and you've a hunch then follow it but it sounds good to me!
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