My OH came back from his shooting yesterday with two rabbits so i had to skin, gut and joint them for the first time. I really didnt know if I could do it. I did, it bloomin stank! They are now in the oven cassarolling..

I know it sounds silly but it would have been much easier with pheasant or somehting :roll:


  • poor Thumper image

    Hats off too, I couldn't do. I take a fit if I have to skin fish from the supermarket. Then I imagine they are still alive and jumping out my hand. Oh it gives me the creeps x
  • I know...but tmi coming, when I had skinned it most of the way I just flipped the fur inside out over its head so you couldnt really tell what it was!
  • omg there's absolutely no way i could do that!!!

    i actually clicked on this thread thinking it was about another kind of rabbit ;\) i'm disappointed lauren lol!! x
  • Oh my skin is crawling. I am so glad my DH aint into shooting or he would have to do that himself. I am such a wimp
  • We quite often get given rabbits for us and dogs but while i could skin & gut other animals, i cannot do rabbit, cos they flaming stink! so my OH has to traipse up to my horses yard to do them!
  • ha ha jenny what do you take me for!!!

    Its all part of Rick trying to make me a proper country bumpkin. I already explained that i dont want our children playing with guns, having toy ones cos I think it encourages violance but Rick said he is gonna buy him an air rifle whe he is old enough to point and shoot..

    Cos this yer's the country luv...

    I get that and I guess going rabbiting with him will take away the violent, novelty of guns but it scares me so much! I cant not use the rabbits tho cos think that would be a waste of a life?
  • they do stink flirtyfilly! I was soo careful not to nick the intestines aswell!
  • Oh my gosh!! There is no way I could have done that!! Well done you.....wish I was less squeemish!! (dont think that is how you spell it!) Dont think I have ever had rabbit either!
  • I have never eaten it either. just chucked it in a cassorole with stock and veggies and hopign for the best! Free food though lol!
  • It does taste lovely! We often do paella with it!
  • I wouldnt have done that if I had been paid ??10000000! My stomach is so weak...my OH also knows that if he brings any animal, back home, dead he'll be sleeping outside in the f***king shed with it :lol:

    Yukkkkkkkk can't do dead animals!!

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