For those that had windy babies

Hi there, just after some idea really of when wind may start becoming less of a problem.

Hugo is now 9 weeks and he's been on colief for the last 4 weeks as he has always had problems dealing with his wind (both ends) and colief really helps. But I'm breastfeeding and it's a bit of a faff administering the colief when breastfeeding and as we're about to go on holiday to NZ in 3 weeks, I have decided to start weaning him off the colief in the hopes that the worst of the colic will ease by the time we get on the plane (he'll be 12 weeks).

Yesterday he had no colief at all and I really noticed a difference in his wind. He was able to bring up burps pretty well but struggled with the other end and there was a lot of grunting and straining, especially at night.

So I'm just wondering for those of you that had windy babies, did it suddenly get better at 12 weeks or did they continue to suffer with wind past the 'magic' 12 week stage? Just want to know what to expect really as I don't want to have to continue the colief while we're away because of the difficulty in using it while breast feeding.



  • Hi,

    I use colief and have done for weeks, LO now 13+weeks and her wind is still the same. I was hoping for some improvement as everyone talks about the '12 week' stage but not so lucky yet.

    I went to baby clinic last wed and an annoying HV told me she was too young to see improvement as the digestive system only starts to mature at 4 months (and thats why they used to recommend weaning from 4 months) although her attitude annoyed me (she was very dismissive of my problems with wind) the 4 month thing seemed to make sense.

    I BF for 2 months and the colief was fiddly, I ended up using carton formula for that bit so I didnt have to express milk for the colief on top of everything else. Hope you see some improvement but Id take some colief with you just in case.

    Inka xxx
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