hip problems? wonkey legs?

hi, im hopeing someone can help...

my daughter is 5 1/2 months and has torticollis, Iv recently noticed thta her legs tend to vear to her right when shes kicking etc, especially without her nappy on. On closer inspection I can see that her left leg seems to be a bit shorter, although her movement is fine and she doesn't seem in pain.

when her torticollis was first diagnosed i was told that hip problems are more common in babies with tort although she was checked for 'clicks' and they said she was fine.

im truelly devestated

does anyone know anything about this, Im going out my mind with worry, my HV isn't back in the office until later this aft and my doctors receptionist didn't share my veiw that it was urgent so I have to wait till monday before i can go there.


  • I am sorry I don't know what the condition is your lo has got, but I can say I have two different length legs and it has never been a problem! A lot of people have this! My chiropractor won't even touch them when she sorts out my back as she doesn't see an issue xx

    I probably haven't helped much, but just wanted to reassure that it doesn't mean there is a problem xx
  • hello!
    im not sure re the answer to this, but my little one has clicky hips and i know that the checks are often missed or the probs not picked up, whilst i know its stressful if you are at all worried please go and see someone - prob your gp might be best

    in the meantime, google steps charity, they have a forum and you can ask on there, there are fab and v friendly!! im sure someone will have some info for you

    jane xxx
  • thanks for replying, im worried sick, cant wait till monday! x
  • If it is clicky hips try and get your lo checked as soon as you can, dont panic because nothing will happen for a long time but my hubby had clicky hips as a baby and the doctors didnt sort it out and at 17 he started developing hip pains and back pains eventually at 27 they diagnosed him with anklyosing spondylitis, he has the gene however they think that the clicky hips may have contributed to it.
  • as rosapenny said dont worry too much - i know thats hard, but the biggest thing is getting it diagnosed, if it is a type of clicky hips, an theres lots, then thats when you need to breathe a sigh of relief - i wish i could take my own advice sometimes!! its when it is left an dleft and left that the real problems start. it depends on the type as to what they will do, as i say register on the steps site and see if you get any joy, you def wont be alone there

    in the meantime, messgae me if you would like - grace has had clicky hios in both since birth and has been in a harness since 6 weeks. her one hip has totally sorted itself and the other isnt too far off, back to the consultant beg of mar to see how sorted it is and what next steps are...


    jane xxx
  • Hi Ian's Princess, (also posted in Aug 09)

    G/C from Sept 09 (although Dd was an Aug baby in the end but I have stayed in that forum).

    Anyway, back to the point. Dd was breech (undiagnosed but I had to have a c-section anyway) and then had to have a scan automatically at 6 weeks. All breech babies do apparenty. I suppose it's a bit like the problems you are having in that they are squashed in the womb in an abnormal position.

    Was your baby breech?

    We were quite blase when we went into the scan as her hip movements a leg movements were fine. It all looked fine and she was kicking and waving them. It turned out though that both hips were dislocatable (not fully dislocated but kept popping in and out of the sockets). One was worse than the other.

    As I say, we had no inkling, the doctors didn't pick it up on the hip check when she was still in hospital and if it wasn't for the scan we would not have known until she walked so we are so pleased they caught it early.

    It meant she had to have a Pavlik Harness for 10 weeks which in all honesty didn't bother her in the slightest. Mummy and Daddy found it harder as it retricts how you hold her, can't bath her etc but we got used to it very quickly and I am pleased to say that after physio to loosen the harness as she grew and after several scans her hips are now fine (touch wood). She has a check up when she is nearly one but fingers crossed that is it. The harness keeps her legs up in a frog like position and allows the hip socket to form properly around the joint. Apparently 1:100 babies have this problem and it is more prevalent in girls.

    It hasn't stopped Dd at all. She rolled from front to back 2 weeks after the harness came off (when she was 4.5 months) and then rolled back to front at 5 months so all that upset was worth it in the end.

    I do recommend that you keep chasing the docs as if it is this problem caught early enough it is easily fixable (is that a word ). This is your baby and a Mother's instinct in my opinion is more often than not right and you should go with it. Don't let them fob you off.

    I am so sorry to hear about all the problems you have had and that the hospital seem to have let you down. I really hope the helmet is helping her.

    If it is a problem like my Dd had and she has to have the harness please do e-mail me if you want any information or just someone to talk to. I did feel so lonely sometimes as no one else I knew had one and it was tough at times for me (as I say not for her) so I'd be pleased to do anything I can to help you.

    I really hope she is seen soon and that she is OK.

    Take care xx

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