ashton and parson teething powders

what the bloodey hell is in them? They send daisy a bit crazeeee!! Ive always used the nelsons ones but bought some after they were recommended on here. but she seems to have a mad half hour. Her face lights up when she sees them. i put it on a spoon and she licks every last bit of. she sees it as a real treat lol. Then she goes all gobby and hyper i give her one nearly every night before bed but darent give her in night when she wakes in case it has the same effect!! Any one else los love these or have you tried one? might have a lick of one tomorow lol x


  • Gabe loves the taste of them too, but they didn't seem to make much of a difference to the teething so they are rotting at bottom of my change bag at the mo! They didn't send him hyper strange...I know the ingredients are herbal, maybe google the active ingredients and see what side effects they have!
  • How bizzare! We use them alot, Louise is very happy to let us tip it into her mouth and it works really well!

    How about trying boots own? I've never seen nelson ones?
  • Sounds strange thought they were meant to have a calming effect?! I use Nelsons and I must say Charlotte loves having them but she's never gone hyper with them!
  • How odd. The astons and parsons are ment to be all herbal. I use them all the time for my lo. She loves them but haven't noticed any unwanted side affects.

    X X X
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