Can a 8 month old be angry??

Hi I was just wondering can a 8 month old get angry?

The reason I ask is my DD HATES going in her carseat or highchair and will throw herself backwards and just scream the minute I take her out she stops so I dont think its pain or anything,

Its always when Im putting her down in a seat or her buggy or something?

Is she just screaming becasue she doesnt want to be in there?

She has the tantrums of a toddler they way she thows her self about...

Thanks in advance image


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  • My dd def has tantrums getting in the high chair, if I take her away from something she isnt allowed!! I try and distract her with something but sometimes we can have these tantrums up to 10 times a day and it is very stressful so I can understand, I do think it is anger and frustration that they are not getting their own way.
  • yes of course. Babies can feel all sorts of emotions from the moment they are born, even before some would argue!

    Enjoy, they will only get more vocal!!

    Em x
  • Yes! Ds2 has such a temper on him. He clenches his fists and screams at me! Normally if I'm too slow with his food or putting him in a carseat/highchair/buggy! He does the same arches his back etc etc! He's worse than my 2 year old sometimes!! lol

  • Hugo has a shocking temper and bangs his hand on the highchair tray if he's frustrated for any reason. He also 'growls' at me and sort of arches his back which I at first thought meant he was in pain but the next second (ie, when I am in front of him with his yoghurt and a spoon) he's all smiles and giggles. Little ratbag!
  • People without an 'angry' baby will tell you it is not possible for them to be naughty at the age. Its like people who's babies sleep through saying 'just leave them'. I however have a angry baby haha and YES YES YES they can throw massive strops! My LO has been growling at me from about 5months, has bitten me a few times (this cant be a learned behaviour), clenches his fists etc.

    I do however think a majority of it is born out of frustration.....he just always wants to be on the move or busy....I think when he gets speech and can walk he will feel happier in his body if that makes sense.

    I do think he is more cheeky than naughty as he is full of mischief and I think he is going to be a super cool character when he gets older! I just keep telling myself he can hopefully channel it on the rugby pitch hehe
  • Yep, Brodie is exactly the same at the moment, he's just over 9 months. He throws tantrums when he's being put to bed even though he's tired and falls asleep within 2 minutes! He also does it when food isnt coming quick enough or whenever he sees a bowl that he thinks should be for him even when he's already had dinner! He's a greedy thing!
  • Oh so its not just my DD then, I didnt think they were capable to throw tantrums for some strange reason Lol

    Thanks for all the replies!!
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