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Has anyone heard of/used Colic Calm?

I have just read on the internet about Colic Calm....

It is from America but one lady sells it on Ebay, it is expensive but apparently very good.

I have been using Colief which was working great but yesterday and today my little man is back to crying lots and seems to be uncomfortable/in pain. He normally sleeps for about 3 hours in the morning but only managed about 40 mins this morning then has been very restless and will only sleep on me or my husband for a short period of time then wakes up crying.
He is now being sick after feeds, only a little (not projectile) but it is after every feed and he is not taking as much feed as he has been.
I have looked up silent reflux & reflux but not sure it is this.....

Anyway, this Colic Calm looks good but I am dubious about buying something from Ebay that comes from America although the reviews do look good.

Can anyone help please....


  • Hi

    Sorry just found this post after sifting through everything that has gone on over the weekend.

    We tried colic calm. We tried just about everything going and unfortunately nothing helped Thea. She eventually started to grow out of it at about 8 weeks and things just got better and better from there. At nearly seven months she is now a very happy smiley baby. I wouldn't say that colic calm didn't help but it didn't make a huge difference for us but then again neither did any of the other remedies - it was just a matter of time.

    They do actually have their own website but don't ship to the UK so you can only get it through Ebay.

  • Hi I actually bought some of their website, very expensive! I think we only used it once. The reason for this was because at the same time we received it Riley was put onto nutramigen and infant gaviscon so we didn't think it was true colic. We also just got used to calming him down ourselves with the hairdryer and rocking, etc.

    The time we did use colic calm I don't remember it making any difference tbh. The only thing I remember is the liquid was really dark and got everywhere!

    Are you sure that he doesn't have reflux? It sounds like it could be if he is being sick and he looks in pain and can't settle himself to sleep. Apparently reflux can often be mistaken for colic. x
  • Getting the surprise of a very colicky baby this year has turned our house upside down. DD has colic bad. But early on after reading and testing many things on her to get her to feel better I came to the following 5 things that can literally help you eliminate the pain and suffering for your baby with colic. Many will want to resist or argue, but sorry, I did my own research and tests and I understand why this protocol will work for most colicky babies.

    Add to formula:
    1. Digestive Enzymes.
    I is apparent these babies suffer from underdeveloped digestive process...hence lots of gas from incomplete/poor digestion.
    Use a very tiny measuring sthingy of about 1/8 tspn of digestive enzymes. I just "Digest All" from MRM...bought at Whole Foods.
    Just crack open the capsules and create your own small bottle of enzymes available for use at feeding time.
    2. Pro-Biotic:
    Read above regarding underdeveloped digestive system. Specifically I get L. Reuteri strain of pro-biotic. I get them in capsules at Whole Foods,
    the brand I use is Nature's Way. I understand you can get BioGaia brand in drops at places like Walgreens....but I have not tried that brand.
    For my brand, I have to cut the tip off these capsules, and then put in to a small glass container with lid. I drop in a few grains of uncooked
    rice to help control moisture, and store in refrigerator to keep the cultures alive. I use a very tiny measuring is called "Drop" and
    it is about 1/64th of a tspn.
    3. Gas Drops:
    You are still going to get painful gas, even if you are using expensive bottles designed to avoid giving air bubbles in bottles. I put approx 7
    drops into the bottle.
    4. Melatonin:
    I use only very tiny amounts of melatonin in only 2 bottles a day. I literally use the "Drop" sthingy mentioned above and only use a half of it.
    So that is 1/2 of 1/64th of a tspn. The importance of melatonin is not to get the baby to sleep(even tho you want more sleep). It is to help with
    relief to the intestines of the perstaltic muscle contractions in the intestines.

    In my mind after his experience, all babies should get Digestive Enzymes, and Pro-Biotics...regardless of colic. That alone would probably wipe out a large percent those complaining of colic, particularly the milder cases. The Gas Drops become a godsend when used on conjunction with the enzymes and pro-biotics. Lastly, the melatonin was the final piece that brought my baby to as close to perfect no-pain and no colic symptoms I could achieve. I believe this approach will work well for any baby and any mom that decides not to allow others to stop them from doing what will help their baby get relief from very real pain of colic.

    Now, I am on to my next quest. "High Needs Baby"....unfortunately colicky babies and babies with gerd tend to be the ones that are also high needs babies. Mine is one of those. Now we are on to fussiness without pain or apparent reason. I suspect that it actually a continuing extension of the colic she experienced, and that there is more to figure out....without much help from the medical, alternative, and other communities that provide some but not complete enough advice on how to help our babies. Look it up and let me know if you find many docs advising digestive enzymes or melatonin to help with colic.....hard to me.

    As for my DD, she is now 3 1/2 months old. I am testing chamomile, and tiny doses of valarian to see if I can get her to be less fussy, and just be a calmer baby. Wish me luck. And please share try my protocol if you are struggling with a colicky baby....rather than allow your baby to live in agony as your Ped offers advice that is no better than they gave my mother 52 years ago.....and counting.

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