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Hi girls,
How much naked time and skin to skin do you give your babies every day? At the minute Connors pooing all the time so hes only getting half hour or so before the nappy goes back on but gets lots of cuddles when hes just in his nappy, is that enough?


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  • Eeek - never - Gabe has eczema and he just scratches himself with his clothes off!
  • aww bless him, poor little man ezema must be a pain for him!
  • My baby would be naked all day if i would let her!!! She gets a big smile on her face as soon as i start popping open her babygrow.

    Shes 11 weeks and she has about 45 mins in the morning when shes getting dresses. Sometimes another 45 mins in afternoon and then about an hour before bedtime when being bathed, massaged etc. She has skin to skin contact with me in the bath so about 15 mins. She has lots of cuddles i just dont trust naked cuddles as she might poop on me lol
  • Doesnt get alot of nappy off time. He spends time on bathdays lying on a towel in front of the fire with his dad drying him while mommy gets dry after our bath. This usually happens as he cries when his dad tries to dress him LOL. He has skin to skin with me only when we have a bath which is every 2-3 days.
    LOL MKT86 about the chance of being pooed on. In my case he usually wees everywhere not poo. Baby massage classes were fun as once one LO weed it was like a chain reaction that went round the room and I would always but the one most soaked LOL. It all washes out anyway and leaves some funny memories.

  • Eeek - never - Gabe has eczema and he just scratches himself with his clothes off!

    Hello I am popping over from pregnancy - hope you don't mind me chipping in.

    My Neice had awful excema (really awful - she was covered in it, and had a steroid cream which was doing nothing) and my SIL was told to try dreamcream and dreamwash from Lush (i was dubious as it always smells so strong in there, I was sure their products would be too harsh for a babies skin, but it is all natural - and the dreamcream/wash dont smell at all) anyway it really cleared it up and my neice now has beautiful skin.

    It is expensive stuff, but I can't recomend it highly enough!

    Good luck.


  • I never have either on my 2 naked, unless theyre getting dressed or in bath etc. Jack will have his nappy off for about 1 min per change, as he always pees when his nappy his off!! Kelsie hates being cold and naked, and Jack is only 10 weeks old so too early to tell really. I also think its too cold as well, it certainly is here, even with heating on for a lot of the day.

  • Sadly I have to agree with queen bee, it's far too cold in our house to be naked!! My little girl wears two babygros and a vest at the moment! I think it's different in the summer when you can leave them naked practically all day if you hav'nt got to be ne where. x
  • I do let them have maybe 15 - 20 minutes after their baths in the evening and I give them a good back rub and massage their feet before putting their pjs on but not much really... I think it's wonderful if you can make it work.

  • millie loves nappy time off except she is rolling all the time i left her on one of them throw away changing mats ( i go through millions of them!) just becos millie always wees when i take her nappy off and if i dont have one of them on the changing mat it will go up her back and soak her vest then i have to do a full change! anyway back to the point lol, she was on the mat on the carpet in livingroom and i went out the room and told my hubby to keep an eye on her came back she had rolled over but took the mat with her and had weed on the carpet! shes done it twice now! if i put her on the normal changing mat she will just roll off it lol x
  • lol ive been weed and pooed on more times than i can count!
    Love skin cuddles with him though!
  • Please dont think i let my baby freeze!!! My house is like a sauna. I have the heating on and when she is in the nude i put the fire on too. She loves being naked and cries when i put her clothes back
  • i was just gonna say put the heating on zoe lol mine isnt that hot but is a nice temp def not too cold for her to be naked or have no nappy on x
  • Oscar has nappy off time most days, he loves it but i have to cover the place in towels and make sure he's as far away from the Tv as i can get him because when he pees it goes for miiiiles and he's hit the telly before, and also all over my sofa (from the floor!) on a couple of occasions. Luckily baby wee doesn't smell, so no harm done! x
  • ohh i wondered why i couldnt smell it!
  • our son gives us a 'golden shower' if we pick him up without a nappy on !! he has naked time if the house is warm enough whenever i change him, with a nappy on, and gets plenty of skin to skin with daddy to help with bonding
  • Oh no hun, I didnt think you would let ur little one get cold. It's just our house is VERY cold as we dont have ne central heating. I would love to let my little ones roll/run around with no clothes on but It's just not practical at the mo. We are hopefully having a woodburner installed soon! When fil gets on the case!!! x x
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