Constipation! Help!


Hope your not eating your breakies! :lol:

Charlie is really consitpated.. I've just up'ed his meals to 3 a day, He has lots of pureed fruit & veg, he has that Super 4 grain porridge in the morning with some pureed fruit, He drinks penty of really watered down pear juice thru out the day.. & i've just introduced white meat & fish (yuck!) He is drinking his milk still and is on the normal C & G 1.. apart from last bottle at night which is 2...

I don't know HOW to make him go!? He is straining really hard, has a little red bum, when he does poo is hard dark & REALLY smelly! I think there was a tiny, tiny bit of fresh blood! that or something red he has eaten?

I'm not sure how to help him? what can I do to make it a bit easier for him? He is not conplaining but I can just tell from how hard they are that it can't be comfortable! :roll:

Oh girls work your magic for me please?

1 a bit worried Mummy! x


  • I am eating my breakie actually :lol: toast, yum! Luckily nothing puts me off fooood image

    Poor little Charlie! I'm not sure what to suggest really except lots of fluids, as Gabe has the opposite problem and all food seems to go right thru him lol. Have you tried pureeing prunes or watered down prune juice?? Might be worth a try. Also I have heard that you should put vaseline around their bum so it doesn't hurt as much coming out...haven't tried it tho xx
  • Try some freshly squeezed orange with some water. Always used to clear Millie out really well! x
  • I would take him to the docs who will def prescribe stuff, Kara was like this for months and still his. We now realise that hers is down to her been diagnosed with Diabetes. The only thing that makes her bowels move easy if Movicol Sachets but they don't really like giving them to children. The Doc gave us Lactalose at the start but it didn't work for Kara. I know it has worked for others though.
  • Hi, I haven't really had this problem with my son, but friemds of mine have used the diluted orange juice remedy as milkiemoo suggested with success. Another remedy which was recommended to me by a friend was brown sugar in water - the dose is 1/2 a teaspoon to 1 oz of water - you could try a couple of ounces. I know it's not ideal to give sugar, but as an occasional treatment I can't see that it would do any harm at all. Both these remedies act as stool softeners, rather than laxatives which act directly on the muscle of the bowel, so the bowel doesn't get dependent on them. I hope your little man has some relief soon! xx
  • hi i have allways given daisy fresh oj or apple juice diluted in water warm works quicker at her worst she was given a suppositry and she was also rescribed lactulose twice a day.
  • thanks girls.. Well he is going now ALOT but they are so firm and his bum is red dispite me still creaming! I've given him some fresh squezed oj and waiting for it to take affect again! lol think he must need clearing out dono where its all coming from! x
  • Hi Hun,
    Sorry for the late reply but you could also try pureed pears. I've heard that can help with constipation.
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