anybody have any newborn unisex clothes for sale?

hi there, i am popping over from pregnancy.

as the title says, i want to buy some newborn unisex babyclothes, mostly baby grows, sleepsuits etc in white/cream. we are not finding out the sex of our baby, and as OH side tends to have big babies, i do not want to spend a fortune on newborn clothes, when it probably wont be in them for long! i have some nice new stuff, but wanted some extra to top up!!!!

hope this isnt to cheeky!!!




  • I have LOADS of stuff. will sort out some pics for you if you want. I have vests, sleepsuits, coats, jumpers ect. My sis mate is pg and i told her to help herself but I will see whats left and send you some pics.

    Hit my email button so I have got your email addy.
  • Hi Lisa

    I have a few lovely babygrows and a snow suit etc. I was going to sort it out for eBay but I'd much rather sell to a BE mummy-to-be!! Email me if you're interested, and I'll sort out some pics!
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