Which Nappies do you use?

Hi All,

Sorry to gatecrash from DIJ forum, but was wondering which disposable nappies you'd recommend for a new born? Just starting to buy the essentials and have no idea which ones are good of not - obvisouly want ones that aren't as likely to leak etc so any advice/opinons would be greatly recieved
thanks xxxx


  • We used Pampers initially and they were fine for a while. We then started to have leaks and switched to Huggies. We've since switched back to Pampers. My advice would be to not buy loads of one make - maybe get one pack of each and see which suits your lo best as different makes suit different babies. x
  • We started with pampers new baby which were great. But since outgrowing those we changed to asda's own brand. Which I really like. No leaks & are kept quite dry.

    J xx
  • We had Pampers, Huggies and Asda nappies and I have found the Asda ones are by far the best, they've hardly leaked and are so much softer. I hated Huggies, I thought they were far too rough for a newborns skin.
  • We used Pampers at first but since the redesign they're rubbish. Huggies leaked (apart from superdry).

    We now use Aldi's own brand which despite being cheap have never leaked and are softer than Huggies. I don't think they do a size 1 though.
  • NATURE BABY or sainsburys eco are really good and very nice for newborn sensitive skin. They dont have lots of the nasties that pampers/huggies do. Since LO has got a bit bigger, we use bumgenius v3/4s.

    Em x
  • Like Ems - i've used Nature baby. I ran out in hospital when my son was being treated for jaundice and had to use a pampers one. Next time I changed him his little bum was all red. Could be coincidence but as soon as he was back in the nature ones, his skin was back to normal again.

    He'll be in reusables in the next week or so when he chunks up a bit but in the meantime - it'll be eco ones for him only

  • all babies are different. get some pampers, some hugies and see which works best. and different nappies wil work better at different times. no nappy is totally leak proof all the time. we use bumgenius v3s reusable with pampers and tescos while away.
  • We use Boot's own 48 newborn nappies for ??3 bargain! x
  • i would get a small pack of a few to see which ones are best, we started with pampers which were fine at first but started to leak so we switched to huggies, now we use reusables but still huggies occasinally, its just a matter of trial and error really as to what is best x
  • we used pamper and huggies pamper where ok didnt get on wioth huggies at all and now we use aldis and they seem to be the best value and we havnt had a leak for ages!!!
  • i use asda's little angels and never had a leak. jessica has never had nappy rash. i really like them!
  • We started off with Boots own brand, but found as she got bigger they leaked. We now use Asda's own Little Angels Action Fit, and they're fab!xx
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