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Please help- temp 38.5!!!

Help Dylans been off all day, he's felt warm but his temperature has been well within normal ive checked it again its 38.5! I've just given him calpol again, hes got a slight cough and an awful nappy this am but nothing major but wont stop crying (he NEVER cries!)

Does he need to go to hospital/doctors or do I just monitor him and see if calpol brings his temp down? Im beside myself!

Em xxx


  • I honestly don't think it's anything to panic about, but I would phone NHS Direct as they will reassure you about what to do. Sam has had high temps before when teething, along with the nappies and cough, so sounds like that. Calpol should help. Hope he feels better soon xx
  • Hi hun. As temp is over 38, I would get him seen by a dr. They'll listen to his chest as he's got a cough, but probably check ears etc. Try not to panic, if he's eating/drinking and weeing etc, then could just be a virus. But mostly it is bacterial infections, which require antibiotics that cause a fever. Make sure he's not too wrapped up, give him some fluids, and ring the dr. Things like teething can cause a temp, but usually low grade, as I say over 38 I'd get him checked over. HTH. xx
  • i think a "high" temperature is 38+, so its only just over? so you could just monitor him, i'm no Doctor though so ring them if you're worried?
  • I would also contact the doctors, but wanted to add that you can give neurofen if you have it, which should also be very effective at bringing his temperature down. It will also help with any pain.

    I believe that current guidelines on infant cooling state that you should try to cool the environment rather than stripping the child down due to their inability to self-regulate their temps. Hope he's feeling better soon, and you manage to get him into the doctors xx
  • I would give NHS direct a call - 0845 46 47. Hope he is ok hun xxxx
  • Take him to the doctors. Any temperature in babies under 3 months needs checking out, and anything over 38 must be checked.
  • If I were you I would contact the doctors or NHS direct at least. Also would get a cool cloth and pat him down with it to try and bring the temp down. Maybe have a fan in the room he is in for a while, but not directly at/on him. Let us know how you get on hun xx
  • Thanks ladies, just back from gp, he has a viral infection and a possible ear infection. We have paracetamol and neurofen till sunday then if no better some antibiotics.

    Feel much better now he's been checked out and I know whats wrong.

    As always you are all wonderful, thank you!!!

  • That's good you know what's wrong. Hope it's just a virus, and he's better soon. xx
  • oh no poor dylan (and there was me oblivious with my banana cake) Give him some hugs and devonshire kisses x x x x x Hope he feels abit better tomorrow x x
  • Glad you've had him seen, hope it has put your mind at rest a little. Hope the paracetamol & neurofen work, and he improves soon. Fingers crossed he won't need antibiotics xx
  • Poor bubba. I've only just seen this, but glad you got him checked over if not for your own piece of mind. I am such a worrier tho so would probably have been telling you to take him straight to docs. I hope he feels better soon.
  • Poor dylan. I hate when they're ill and you feel so helpless. Hope he gets better soon. I echo the other ladies that anything over 38 should be checked and regular paracetamol and nurofen does bring it down eventually. Get better soon dylan x
  • Well he's fast asleep, gave him neurofen (he'd already had paracetamol) and when they'd both kicked in my happy boy was back. Hoping he has a good nights sleep and feels better in the morning.

    Thank you ladies again

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