Anyone know any good *free* photo software??

I'd like to edit some nice pics of the children to hang on my plain, dull walls! xox


  • Oh thanks hun! It's really cool xox
  • Hi,

    If you want something fancy to use for just a short period have a look on the adobe site as you can trial all of their photo editing stuff for 30 days. xx
  • is quite good as is GIMP i used these before i invested in photoshop
    xxxx link -

    GIMP -

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  • We use Picasa which you download free from Google. It alows you to do loads of affects like balack and white, sepia, warm tones etc as well as the standard croping etc. We have used the various versions for years. It also has a "I'm feeling lucky button" which changes the picture as the computer thinks it should be and quite often it looks better.
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