Stain Remover?


Can anyone recommend a good stain remover? I'm sick of putting just washed clothes out to dry only to find big orange blotches on my little mans clothes.



  • i had dr power for fabric worked a treat got it from asda its a blue tub with a sponge so you can rub it into stain xo
  • the eco stain remover you can buy to use with eco balls...although not sure if/how it would react to washing powder, but it gets 99.99999% of stains out of DD and DSs clothes image

  • try bicarb of soda and some distilled vinegar in your washing, its great at getting stubborn stains off and also takes any smell away from your washing machine and its natural
    if the stain is really stubborn then put some bicarb paste on item before putting in washing machine
  • also ditto icecreamlover - the stain remover is fantastic so is the stain remover!!
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