Breakfast ideas?

Hi this is really for my older son but I know a lot of you in here have older kids as well as your babies and th eolder kid forum is quite quiet compared to here..

so..... from my ds1 could eat big boy breakfasts lol (now 60 he has either had weetabix or porridge with fruit (varied for interest) but the past week he has started to give off a bit, now each to their own but I'm not really a fan of sugary cereals although I did try him on coco pops and huney loops as breakfast was becoming a fight but to be honest he was no more interested.

He likes toast but to me it doesn't fill you the same way the porridge etc would and it's ok when I'm off as I can fill him up with fruit etc as the morning goes on but this isn't an option in school image

any hearty breakfast ideas I could try (also easy enough to fit in when the school run starts again) I was thinking that banana on toast would be a good filler.

Any ideas welcome xxx


  • hi there, some breakfast that my 3year old likes

    cream cheese on toast
    peanut butter on toast - good slow energy release
    crumpets with the above or fruit (more filling than toast)
    sausages, eggs and muffins
    lemon and raisin pancakes (add more fresh fruit)
    waffles and fruit
    beans on toast
    scrambled eggs and toast

    hope thats helps x

  • cheers there are some things i wouldn't have thought of, i take it when you say waffles you dont mean birdseye potato waffles lolimage
  • Just wanted to say remeber that your child should be getting a piece of fruit at school as a healthy snack each day FREE. And most schools you can send a piece of fruit as well for them to have at playtime wihtout it being a problem!

    As for breakfast ideas I am useless and my lo just has cereal every day as it is all he wants!
  • he gets fruit with him to school and does at dinner time but more often than not he comes home with his 'snack fruit' in his bag, I think he has so much fun he just forgets to get it out, they don't have set snack time the kids can just get it as they please, he does get his wee milk every day in the morning time but I just hate the thought of his tummy not being full lol overprotective mum or what lol
  • dd1 has cereals and fruit for breakfast and she is also a big milk drinker still so that fills her up with a glass/tumbler of milk.
    and as already said dd1 gets a piece of fruit at morning break at school (and they also get milk,which we have to pay for now she is over 5 but its cheap enough if they drink it)
    have you tried offering your son a sweet omlette? make an egg omlette as normall but add cut up banana with a drizzle of hoiney on then wrap it up!
    these are brilliant puddings too with a dollop of icecream x
  • that made me laugh moonbeam!! I'm picturing lo eating strawberries and a potato waffle now!!

    No they are sweet waffles, you get them near the crumpets and pancakes in supermarket. they are gorgeous toasted!! and I love them with maple syrup but thats a bit naughty!!

    they are also delicious with fruit and ice cream for a dessert
  • mmmmmmmm they actually sound yummy for me never mind Lee LOL I'll get some when I'm out they sound wuite filling.

    thanks mrs xx
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