It's all worth it!

When bathing my 8 month old son earlier he was chewing away on one his rubber ducks (bloomin' teeth!) when he started to watch me back with a puzzled expression. He then took the duck out of his mouth and offered it to me as if to say 'do you want some mum?'. I was so amazed that someone so little could show generosity I teared up.

All those nights of getting up to feed, comfort, bum change, etc our little ones. Worrying endlessly about weaning and trying to sift through a mountain of 'advice'. Then your little one turns around and does something to amaze you. I feel like I have actually turned a corner and I can start to relax and enjoy him a bit more.

Here's to motherhood, I mean parenthood (Dad's worry too!)

All the best, Denise xxx


  • oh that is so lovely i actually pictured my lo doing it to me! bless him! aww thats tugged a few heart strings! bet you are chuffed!
  • its all amazing isnt it. my lo is nearly 18months but does something different everyday to surprise me and usually make me laugh. they are such fantastic little things and as you say it makes all the hard stuff worth while. i say heres to the next one and being able relax & enjoy without as much worry (hopefully). but for now my lo im sure will keep me entertained for years to come. listen to us getting all soppy.
  • aw thats so so sweet! i can totaly empathise with that feeling. i was once upset and couldnt help but get weepy infront of my LO who could only have been 4-5month at the time and she had the most concerned look on her little face and when i picked her up for a cuddle she really nuzzled into my neck which she rarely ever does. it was obvious how much she cares about mummy! puts everything into prespective doesnt it and like u said, makes it worth while! xx
  • Thanks ladies. I was worried that it was sleep deprivation combined with pregnancy hormones ( I am expecting another in time for my lo's first birthday ) but I'm glad to hear that we all get a bit soppy. It aint just me! I also feel more reassured that Haydn will share with his baby brother or sister.

    Denise xx
  • Denise - how are you finding being pregnant with such a small age gap? Violet will be 13 months when this one is due and I am having a really hideous pregnancy and am really starting to worry about how on earth I will be able to look after her when I am the size of a bungalow!

  • You don't need to worry about that, cos your moving me and the brat in remember!
  • This morning I put my arms out to pick my lo ( 8 months) up and he raised his arms up to me with a big smile it was lovely
  • If only Claire!!! Paddy and Violet can keep each other company, you can run the wedding business and I'll breastfeed and organise the pop concerts...sorted!!!
  • Hi Carolyn,

    I'm absolutely shattered and my back permanently hurts. I had a bit of a panic this morning when dressing Haydn as to how I was going to do this for two under the age of one but I'm sure it will be okay. I'm starting my maternity leave at the earliest time possible (4 weeks today- I can't wait!) which will help enormously. My husband works away which doesn't help, he has had 4 days at home in the last month. God bless internet shopping! My parents and sister can be here in twenty minutes when I send an SOS via text message ( I've only done this once but just knowing I can makes things easier ).

    When Haydn offers me his rubber duck or wraps his hands around my face and gives me a sticky kiss (with dribbly tongue) I'm reminded that the back ache, feeling knackered and peeing myself when I sneeze will soon be over when number 2 arrives!

    Haydn is currently sitting in his high chair covering his own face to play peepo with his dad - he's a charmer!

    All the best, Denise xx
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