When you haven't used all the bottle of formula..

..and want to use it for brekkie up to 2 hours later, do you put it back in the fridge as leave at room temp? I know this answer, but I'm blaming mummy brain, for not being able to remember! Thanks. xx


  • I personaly would leave it at room temp.
  • Yes me too, I'd leave at room temp x
  • i would leave it out if i was doing that although i dont think i would be keen on cold formula for brekkie
  • I'd leave it out
  • That's what I thought. Thanks girls. xx
  • I thought you were supposed to throw formula milk away after an hour???

    If not - I think it would stay out.
  • I thought you throw it away too, is it not 2 hours if the baby hasn't drunk it but once they have drunk it the bacteria in their salava breaks down the milk in the bottle and an hour is the max you can leave it for??? (I'm going back 6 years here with DS1 so I could be wrong xxx)
  • i am with Tritread, i thought it was an hour too? either way i always throw whatever is left out and use a new bottle for breakfast etc as the bacteria is breeding etc, probably me being ott but thats just they way i was told to do it with dd1 and now ive carried it on. Im sure leaving it out or putting it back in the fridge would be fine though. x
  • I always thought you had to throw it away within an hour?? That's what i was always told anyway lol!!
    When i used to use formula in DD's breakfast i would just make up a new bottle containing cooled boiled water first thing when i woke up then added the powder when i needed it (same way i make up bottles too).
    We've been using cows milk in ceral since 6 months xx
  • agree with moonbeam, its 2 hours from mixing, but if baby has drunk from it then an hour as the saliva acts as a catalyst in speeding up the bacteria reproduction x
  • It's a null and void question, as is the debate on one hour or two, as I've been using cartons anyway, as lo has been waking well over an hour from his bottle, so breakfast has been put back.

    Thanks for your replies. xx
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