general anaesthetic and breasfeeding?

Has anyone had a general anaesthetic and managed to continue breastfeeding? How soon after can you continue?
I am going in on Sunday for an op and Ruby is still breastfed and will not take a bottle at all.
She is 7 months old.

Thanks. xx


  • I haven't, but I know my mum had a general while she was bfing my little sis so it must be possible. I don't think sis ever had a bottle either so presuamably you are able to feed fairly soon after.
  • Hi, Yes ive had it twice, once in labour and once for a op and there wasnt a problem, i fed before i went for op then waited as long as possible after and had no probs.

    Just a word of warning tho some docs arent as supportive when lo has passed 6 months (despite the WHO saying you shd feed for a year) good luck

  • Doublebubble, how long did you wait afterward and did you express in the meantime to keep ypur milk supply up?
    Thanks. x
  • Hi i havent been through this myself but my friend had to have general anesthetic to drain a breast abscess when her lo was 3 months. She fed him before the op and she fed him again about an hour afterwards as during the op he wouldn't take a bottle and so had no choice.Not sure if that is advised but the surgeon was aware she was breastfeeding. sorry not much help x
  • hi there yes it is ok to feed afterwards hun.I was in hospital last thurs and was offered either a spinal or general and i asked the question as i bf grace and was told its fine to bf her.I ended up opting for the spinal as generals make me really ill afterwards.Hope all goes ok 4 u xxxx
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