Has anyone had any trouble with the TT ultimate sensor monitor? i woke up last night to see the red light flashing on the parent unit, i ran in to check on LO who was snoring away but at some point in the night the buzzer had obviously gone off. This has never happened before but i was concerned that the buzzing didnt wake us up, the thing is, if we turn the volume on the parent unit up to max or even medium we get a lot of fuzziness, we have moved our mobile phone chargers away from it and also find it cant be too close to any other electical plugs (lamps, alarm clock etc!) is this normal? we have tried it on every channel and have the same trouble, anyone else have/had trouble with this?


  • Hiya,
    We have this monitor too and also get the loud fuzzy noise all the time. Am afraid I dont have any answers as we have not found a solution, but I do sleep with the monitor just in front of my pillow, so if it did go off it would be right under my nose, so hopefully would awake me up!
    Also the other night I put bubs to bed, then cam downstairs with the monitor and it went off, I ran up stairs and all was fine, came back down and 10 mins later it did it again, I shot up the stairs whilst shouting at hubby "dont you care then??" he then asked me what it was, I said the breathing monitor and he ran up behind me - bloody men!! Anyway, we just turned both units off then on again and it was fine.
    Sorry I cant be anymore help image
  • Hey,

    we haven 't had any trouble with ours. Do u have any mobile towers near u as that might be interfering?? Sorry not much use.

    Jayne xx
  • We have this and the light will flash even if the alarm goes off for a split second I have been awake when it has happened and the beep just sounds like a slightly longer normal beep and not enough to wake anything up before motion is detected again. We had it a lot with ds1 who used to have problems remembering to breath when he was little where I would be woken by the alarm most nights sometimes more than once a night by the alarm I would always run through and about 50% of the time he had started again before I got there. DS2 doesnt have the same problems but have had light flashing in the morning.
    With the fuzzy noise I find it to be alot worse the more objects between it and base - also depends on what your walls are made of.
    Sorry not much help but if the alarm was to go off properly you would hear it as it doesnt have a volume control - it is just loud!!!
  • i get the interference too. not sure what to do about it.
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