Baby Getting a Fright?


My son is 22 weeks old and for the past few weeks all noises, whether loud or not are frightening him, is this normal?

For example he used to love the hairdryer to put him off to sleep, but now he jumps if i have him in the room when i dry my hair and he screams so much i cant dry my hair, real tears and all! He also gets a fright when i cough, sneeze, when music or the tv goes on. He doesn't cry at them all but he does throw his hands up and look startled for a minute!

As he's my first baby I don't know if this is normal or if i should ask the hv about it?

Any advice?!



  • My baby is 26 weeks and has suddenlyn started freaking out at the vacuum. I used to vacuum around her as a new born quite happily but today she actually tried to cover her ears!!!

    She shouts and fake cries, but I carry on and as soon as it's switched off she stops. Doesn't seem scared though - more disgruntled!

    I wouldn't stop making the noises as he will have to get used to them, but just give him a big kiss and a cuddle afterwards so he still feels safe x
  • I wouldn't worry about it I think it's normal for noises to frighten them at a certain age. Don't stop making them though or he won't get used to them, just make him feel safe when they happen. My lo is 11 months and when he was younger he occasionally got scared and cried from the dog barking but it doesn't bother him anymore and he'll chase me around in his walker when I'm hoovering! x
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