Allergy to wheat?

I wasn't sure where to post this, but thought here may be the best place.

I gave my LO weetabix for the 1st time 2wks ago (aged 6mth) and within 30mins of him having it his eye swelled up, he was violently sick, wheezy and full of a rash that looked like neetle stings (apparently called hives). I managed to get him to the docs and we were told to keep Weetabix of the menu as there was something in it that didn't agree with him.

I've been watching what i've been giving him - this isn't too bad as i mainly give him homecooked food. But on a few occasions i give him organic jared food and have been looking at how much wheat is in the food. Yesterday i gave him a chickpea and red pepper lasagne (which contained 17% of a wheat product) and although he wasn't sick he did get a rash on his face. It was around his mouth and neck (where the food had been in contact with his skin)......he's a messy eater and gets food everywhere image)

He's also had a goodies biscuit, which after he sick - but only a small amount.

Does anyone elses LO have any reactions like these? I really want to try him with toast but scared to cos of the high wheat content and worried he could have another bad reaction to it. :\?


  • Hi Impatient,

    Im going through pretty much the same thing with my LO except its with cheese and now its seems peanut butter soon. Exactly the same reaction, hives appearing/redness around mouth etc.

    We took LO to the Dr and they were really reluctant in giving piriton because he isnt yet a year old but thankfully they did in the end as I dont know what we would have done without it. Any redness and hives I give him some piriton and wash his mouth, hands etc with water and it does die down very quickly. Unfortunately it appears Allergy testing isnt offered very much for children under one years old so its a bit of trial and error at the moment as to what my son can/cant eat etc.

    Its very confusing isnt it, the whole wheat thing :\? it might be worth making an appointment with your GP to see what he suggests.

    Sorry ive rambled on, hope your LO is better soon

    Nikola xx
  • Hi one of the many things lizzie is intolerent to is wheat! Lizzie is 7 months and is going to see a speacialist pead for allergy testing in 2 weeks time (not sure if she will have the testing straight away on that day but i hope so as its 50+ miles away!)
    anyway Lizzie has the reaction you said about with egg and she has antihistamines incase of the reaction at anytime (which i carry round with me at all times!!) With the wheat it makes lizzie has awful diarohea for 2 days even with a small bit of wheat.
    you can buy wheat free bread but the trouble is its like brick! plus it costs ??2.30 a loaf which consists of about 8 slices!
    anyway they have only just suggested allergy testing for lizzie and we have been having problems since she was about 13 weeks! the tests can show inconculsive results when the child is under 2 plus its not nice for them to have blood testing down when they are so young!!
    I am seeing the pead specialist in 2 weeks so i will put a post up about how we get on!
    it would be worth asking your doc about it but if they were reluctant to give antihistamines (they aren't lienced for under 1's but docs will give them if its like a "lesser of 2 evils" can of thing) then they may be rluctant to send your little one to see a pead but if you dont ask you wont get. where in the uk are you based?
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