new house :D bedroom trouble :roll:

hey ladies well as some of u know were moving house image im sooooo flipping exited image now the new house has 3 bedrooms BUT one of them is on the 3rd floor ...not a problem unless u have an over paranoid oh!! :roll: he doesnt want ds to sleep on the 3rd floor cos he is worried about him waking in the night and falling or just screaming (ds is 3) so he said this am to put dd up there and ds in the room opposite ours but i dont want that cos she is much smaller and ill spend all night up and down checking on her ....soooo with all the exitement goes the stress

anyone know what we should do ???

thanks in advance xxxx


  • Damn - you get more bedrooms but still causes trouble eh!

    Personally if I had a town house, I would take the top bedroom and give the kids the middle floor. You are probably going to have to buy stairgates and that will prevent any accidents during the night and put your mind at rest about DS

  • like Charlie Mum - we have the top floor bedroom and max is down on the middle floor with stairgates - is the top bedroom too small to be yours?
  • i know cm tell me about it not taking top room cos master bedroom has en-suite :lol: :lol: i think stairgates are a must and maybe moniters eh xxx
  • Stupid tree had no gaps but I basically said the same - can you not take the top floor??

    Also worth mentioning to oh that dd is more likely to be waking in the night - teething and such - and if he insists on putting her on the top floor then make him go up to her... image image image
  • So the top room isn't the master/ How confusing! On town houses the top usually is the master. Drat

    Then I would have oldest lo upstair and youngest on my level

  • we have top floor bedroom (attic room) which we sleep in but if I had one of the boys up there it would be stair gates & baby monitors. You can get monitors that have cameras and your end is like a TV.

    Hope you sort something out soon xx xx
  • thanks for all replies ...jem :lol: how funny maybe i could say that ...will have to see how it works out when we move in i guess ...11 days to go image xxx
  • oldest on top flor, so put our OH up there andyou can have the master suite, and your kids can share!
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