was just wondering if your babies enjoy swimming? I took Ben swimming today for the first time, he didn't seem to particulary enjoy it, just had a bit of a blank expression, didn't cry, was just a bit disappointed as I was so excited about taking him, that he wasn't smiling/laughing like he does when I'm playing with him with his toys etc. DO you think it might take a bit of time?

x x x

p.s he is 21 weeks


  • Hi,
    We've been doing Waterbabies for 9 weeks on Sunday and I think in the last month Alf has shown he was enjoying himself with smiles and giggling. Maybe Ben was just taking it all in as it must be a shock to the system all the smells, sights, people and you'll look different too. Well worth a few more goes and I'm sure he'll be away with it! Seeing Alf swim underwater is just the best feeling (well when he's resurfaced!) or naturally kick without you saying in the water is great.
    I say give it another few goes and he'll be crying when you get out like Alf does now! x
  • thank you mum to1, I will definately give it a few more goes! Maybe Alf can give ben a few lessons he he!! x x
  • Would be a pleasure babe! Enjoy the next session x
  • he was probably just taking it all in ... if i take archie somewhere new he just stares blankly at everything, its only in the last couple of days i even get a smile out of him in tescos he's so busy being nosey !!
  • i agree, he was probably just taking it all in!

    Louise always has a worried look on her face when she's studying new things. She looked a bit worried the first time we got in the pool but quickly relaxed and now loves it!
  • hi ive taken daisy to waterbabies since 14 weeks. as she loves the bath i thought she would be all smiles however she was very serious. she was in fact the only baby that didnt cry that day. 9 months on we still go and she loves it. after about 3 lessons she started smilling. we used to laugh but i think she was totally concentrating. carry on and if you can afford it have proper swimming lessons. babies cant swim on top of water till about 3 but they can swim under water and mine loves it!!!!
  • Jack was exactly the same at first, he was just absolutely mesmerised by it all. now after taking him to baby swimming he absolutely loves it and splashes about playing. at the baby swimming i go to they give them a little ball and they can then try and chase it through the water with their hands. jack loves doing that.
  • Oscar also does water babies lessons and we've been a couple of times now and he still has big eyes and a blank expression! :lol: He does smile when we whizz him about in the water and when we bring him up from underwater swimming but he's not all giggles and smiles, very serious most of the time actually! I think your lo is a bit like this, likes it but is thinking 'whats all this swimming lark about?!' - they'll get there!

    ps. Oscar was 21 weeks when we did his first swimming lesson too so i think it's pretty normal x
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