not sure where to post this! Prolapse, anyone suffered?....

i had my lo 5 weeks ago, forceps and episiotomy, anyhoo, this is probably TMI but i feel like something isnt right down there? Heres the TMI bit, i feel like something is falling out, as if you have a tampax up there thats not in properly lol, i can only walk for about 5 mins before getting really bad pain in my coccyx and lower back, and really sore down below, like theres been too much pressure on it, i dared to have a look last week too (didnt want to look before for fear of what my cut looked like!) and im sure theres a bit there that wasnt there before?

Any advice appreciated, does this sound like a prolapse? image


  • Hey hun,

    I had a similar delivery to you - forceps and episiotomy also 5 weeks ago. I also feel like something isnt quite right down there. Now and again i have that feeling that something is 'falling out' or not where it should be. I also feel like everything is bigger down there too - like i wasnt stitched up enough - if you know what i mean?

    I'm planning on mentioning it to my doctor at my 6wk check next week. When is your check?

    Sorry i can't be any more help!

  • ooooh good to know its not just me, i've got my 6 week check next tuesday and was planning on mentioning it too!
  • Hi Girles,

    I had exactly this and noticed it 4 weeks after I had my baby ( i had a vaginal water birth), I went to my doctor last week thinking it was a prolapse but it was actually vaginal wall that had become a bit slack. She told me it was nothing to worry about and is to be expected after you have pushed a baby out! It will go back eventually but to carry on with the pelvic floor excises.

    Still worth mentioning to your doctor though just encase it is a prolapse.

    Hope all is well with you all and you lo

  • Hi, my LO nearly 8 months and I have a mild prolapse. I think your 6 week check up is really soon to be checking if it is that, maybe wait 2 or 3 months then go to docs to be checked. If it is prolapse you could probably feel it when you wipe after weeing (sorry if TMI!!). I would strongly suggest you do your pelvic floors at least 3 times a day (which I didnt do!!) as this should really help! x
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