"let it snow let it snow let it snow"

has any1 else got snow? Its so beautiful! Bit of a pain though coz I have to use the double buggy today and drag all 3 kids to the hospital on the bus! its gonna be a challenge! xx xx

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  • i only got i tiny bit of snow! we are hoping for more, so i can send anne and oh out to play in it.

    hope its not to hard for you to get through the snow hun good luck!
  • Oh Katie! lol Where abouts are you? xx
  • Our garden got covered in a thinish layer! image
  • We have snow! Unfortunately the trains are still running normally though so dh hasn't been able to take the day off work.......

    I was going go to 'rhymetime' in a local library and walk up to the clinic to get Louise weighed but might leave it till another day so we can stay in the warm. They kept saying on the local radio station this moring that a weather warning has been issued, they think the snow will melt and turn into ice so i'm certainly not driving anywhere!
  • we had a very thin layer too which has pretty much all gone now! very exciting for the boys this morning though walking to school in the snow! why couldn't it have happened last week so they could play?! we hardly ever get snow image
  • we got fair bit of snow here in Kent and i HATE it!!! hate snow, cant go out as i live on a hill and cant get car up or down and wnt walk in it as i'm always the sad muppet who manages to all over! hoping it will be gone tomorrow as Madi back to school, don't wnt to go out in it x
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