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Hi just read bout your job etc on the other thread, i'm a little intrigued what does your job involve?? Reason i'm intrigued is cos i have heart probs lol and i saw you mention cardiovascular LOL could just mean exercises though lol right lol


  • Hi Sara. My job doesn't involve any patient contact at all, so I'm not all that familiar with clinical cases. Though I do have a little knowledge of some common cardiovascular disorders & diseases I'm no way an expert on this side of things!
    My job is all done at a cellular level. We isolate and grow cells from the heart and blood vessels, then we treat them with various chemicals or compounds and look for changes in how the cell behaves. This helps us to learn about what may be going on inside the body in various disease states and how we can prevent or alter it happening. Hope that makes sense!!
    I do however work with several consultants and professors who are experts on the heart so if there's anything you'd like to no know then I can try and find out for you.
    Hope your heart problems are not too serious - and yes exercise is good for a healthy heart! But I always tell people to live dangerously 'cos I'd be out of a job otherwise LOL
    Take care
  • Forgot to say that I might work with some of the doctor's you've seen, as I work for Sheffield University - I'm based at the Hallamshire Hospital (used to be the NOrthern General)

  • oh really? my dr is dr muthusamy at rotherham hospital by but i'm also under dr ghandi at the hallamshire for some reason lol, i have svt's and also lately been having some tachycardia that didnt turn to svt? on my last echo last week it said my left ventricle was hyper-kinetic?? but rest of my heart is ok?? also got some trivial valve regurgitation? they wont let me have my op or be put under so to speak til i see my cardiologist next week which has shook me up a bit?? i had an enlarged left ventricle in pregnancy but its gone down no think it was a pregnancy thing. just concerned a to what hyperkinetic is and why its doing it and if its dangerous? i'm such a panicker lol Also i have a right bundle branch block, some dr's say i'm too young for one but others say 30% population got one? its soo confusing, my cardiologist isnt much help either at explaining things lol
  • Oh poor you! A whole bunch of problems to deal with. Not actually heard of a hyper-kinetic ventricle, but I can ask one of the cardiologists I work with about it. I work with some really nice ones, so it's a shame yours doesn't explain things very well. Not heard of Dr Ghandi - he might just do clinical work and not be involved on the research side of things.
    I'm not in work tomorrow, but can ask on Thursday if you'd like me to get more info - I wont mention any names or anything!
  • hi babycakes, yes would be gd to find out for me thanks, stop me worrying so much til next week lol thanks
  • hi babycakes, yes would be gd to find out for me thanks, stop me worrying so much til next week lol thanks
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